Life and death of an artist

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Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing well. I thought I may express some words with you

During the last years of my life I experienced a roller coaster of events that changed my life for ever, some of them good, but most of them bad. The last ones have to to do with extreme anxiety peaks, similar to epillepsy episodes, but with  a different type of trigger in my mind, making me unable to walk, speak, or even stand up, causing vomiting, nausea and respiratory insufficiency (eventually making me faint), The impact of such events were so hard on me that they deteriorated my health to the point of being hevily medicated for indefinite time. However that doesnt mean that my symptoms dissappeared. they are just barely controlled. and this takes me to the point of this post.

Due to all previously mentioned, Ive been unable to make art again.

I tried several times to recover the rythm of production I used to have back when I started in 2012 but without success. 

Every time I tried, my mind collapsed and all symptoms were there again to strike back again and again.

Being unable to recover such rythm I ended up loosing comunication with all my clients and had to abandon every project I was involved in. Which destroyed my reputation as a reliable artist and project partner, not to mention friends and co-workers.

Not having any other choice I abandoned the slightest possibility of making any form of art again and focused 100% on my full time job which is web development, so I am now working as a full time programer in a company.

I had to abandon my dream of working as an artist. It was hard, and it still is.

But I have not givven up.

Despite the odds you will still see me upload 1 or 2 works per year. Like a little flame that refuses to die from a storm.

I know its not much.

I know its dissapointing.

But its all I can do.

And for that I appologize and thank to all my old and new followers. I know you would have expected more from me, but these hard times are beating me up. Still my wonderfull girlfriend keeps up with me and supports me with so much love. It is one of the things that keeps me moving forward.

So again, thanks, and sorry.


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Ojala te siemtas mejor cada dia. Tomalo con calma y da pequeños pasos. Encontrarás tu nuevo ritmo pronto. Un gran abrazo desde aca.
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Does this mean you no longer take commissions? 
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yes. Unless my health recovers, commissions are indefinetly closed. Sorry
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Just keep moving forward. I hope things turn for the better for you.
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hope you get better, your works truly inspires me a lot to pursue my passion during my earlier days, don't lose hope, we'll be here waiting for your comeback! god bless!
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Sad to hear that :'( hope you get better.

I'm a webdeveloper now too ^^
I hope that you get better soon.

It's not much of a consolation, but you have already created good art. If you never create another, these will still be there. Indeed, they will live longer than all of us.

Best wishes for an early and complete recovery, or at least one of them.
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Facundo, you were one of the first artists I followed on DA and each piece that I've seen from you has always served as a source of inspiration and beauty. Every person goes through rough spots and it's great to know that your girlfriend has been there to help you out and be a shoulder to lean on as you've dealt with different issues as they've come up in your own life. Just remember that you are maturing as a person and your brain is part of that person. As we go through life, our sensibilities change and sometimes our work changes either out of choice or necessity. Even in the last few pieces you have there's a definite difference with that signature Facundo flair, of course. Don't think that you have to make the same stuff to be an appreciated artist. Let your art change to match where you're at in life if you still want to make it. I know I'll be around to appreciate it, but until then, keep it up at your job, stay healthy, and find things you enjoy in life. You owe us nothing for all the great art you've given us over the years. It's still giving inspiration to many people. :) Cheers, mate.
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Sad. I love your art, I only support you as artist by another artist. Be care of you. I hope to  still see your artworks here, thanks for all and good luck! You are amazing artist! 
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Take good care of yourself, and keep fighting for what you want when you can :)
It's good to know you wont give up.
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That's disappointing, but totally understandable. Take care of yourself as best you can. If/when you are able to get your groove back I will be excited to see anything you post.

In the meantime though I wish you the best =)
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Why do we fall?
So we can learn to pick ourselves up. -Alfred from Batman Begins

How we pick ourselves up defines our character.
If we stand on the ceiling, we can only see the floor.
If we stand rooted on the ground, we can see above.

If we ask other people which way is up, how do we know which way they are standing?
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I'm sorry to hear that.
Take care and keep on fighting! Strong! 
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Take care of yourself.
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I'm sorry to hear that, hopefully it will be better someday.
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I am sorry that happened to you. Best wishes for the future for you and your girlfriend!
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Sad news indeed. I wish you all the best in your pursue of better health! I have a chronically ill friend who is also an artist, so I have some understanding of the struggle. It is still great that you intend to do art on occasion. You are giving it your best, because giving your best is spending as much energy as you are able to spare to do at least something. And that's important.
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That sounds sad :(
But I'm happy that you have a job and a supportive girlfriend. I hope that your health gets better soon and that at least you can do art for art's sake, to enjoy. Best wishes!
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"... as certain as the rising of the sun
If your world is filled with darkness doubt and fear
Just hold on, hold on, the Light will come."
-Micheal McClean
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I'm sorry to hear you have been going through such a difficult time, that sounds very scary! And there is no need at all to be sorry to us, what's important is you and your health. I hope you are able to keep getting better! Just know that we are all here supporting you ♥
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