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The Return



Now I present you..."The Return"

This piece shows a Supermasive blackhole in action literaly eating a nearby star, wich I couldn't draw, due to perspective issues. I wanted to show power and beauty in the same place, but maintaining realism at the same time. The energy and dinamism I put here was strongly inspired by Phoenix-06 :iconphoenix-06: ( please check his works, they are unbelivable), I look verry closely too all of his space scenes, and tryed to learn from every single pixel he did. Knowing I could only make this with my mouse and a few resources, I managed to get the result you are watching. I tried to make more details, but didn't exactly the way I wanted.

As for the title, many of you should have asked yourself " why the hellthat title". I was thinking about the return to death , maybye thats from where we come from, the return to vacum, cause that's probably what we where, the return to the non-existence....cause thats what a black hole actually is...nothing.

Anyway, hope you like it !!! :)
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