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The Big Bang

By FacundoDiaz
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This is an art concept about the big bang for an upcoming game about space. It is basically a conceptuall recreation of the genesis of our own universe, Scince the only thing we know is that it was an infinite amount of energy, gravity and heat concentrated in one single microscopic point that eventually exploded. The rest you are watching is up to my imagination. I tryed to make is visually atractive.

This image would represent 0.000000000000000000001 seconds after the big bang.

0.000000000000000000002 would have had too much light on it to be apreciated, so basically thats why I didnt represented the tipical HUGE light glow.

the shockwave represents the limits of the universe being expanded. you can appreciate all insede the shockwave is pretty much our known universe ( yes those tiny things are galaxyes :) )

So thats it.

Look foward to the game we are creating. It would be one of the first ones to allow you manipulate strings, atoms, Stars, blackholes!!! :D

Hope youo like it! :p
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I think this piece of artwork differenciates from all the other space art pictures scattered around deviantART because it captures that genre of art and everything that it contains in it's most superlative way. This picture represents the beginning of the universe and therefore it represents and overlays every single piece of space art that has ever been created.

There is and never has been anything more powerful and amazing than the Big Bang. But an artist's impression of how this godlike event may have looked like from a human's eye just blows my whole mind. I have to tell you that in my opinion you have reached an unbelievably high level of creating stories in form of space art by moving to such extremes as visualizing the Big Bang.

But I won't talk much around and about how amazing the first impact of this deviatation is and how much it blew my mind. Let's get to the criticism.

As ~fallenZeraphine already stated, the picture does not quite resemble and cooperate with the laws of physics. I'm not the best in physics, but if this is the universe at 0,000000000000000000001 seconds after it's creation, the small galaxies wouldn't exist. A galaxy needs several billion years to form, even more. Of course I can pretty well imagine that the picture would lack of detail and would be pretty boring without those little dots and lines in the center, so don't take this part too seriously. Besides, what would art be if we weren't allowed to use our imagination and we had to obey to lame rules like the laws of physics?

I also don't like the whole visual aspect of this picture. I can't really tell what it is, but something is missing and/or wrong in this piece of artwork. I think that it is the fact, that the explosion in the centre looks a bit too cliché. It's red/orange and just expands as usual explosions in space do. I bet that it would have an even larger impact on the viewers, if the explosion would have more interesting colors or the lighting would dance in a different way.
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This Piece have moved me than any other Space art I have ever seen, Maybe it's because it represent the Genesis of everything, You can wonder all your life what the Big Bang looked like and never come up with something as satisfying as this.

I'm not saying that this is technically correct, it's not, for an example Stars and galaxies formed several Hundred Thousand years to several Million years from the Big Bang, and one cant observe the Big Bang from outside the Universe it created, because there's no such thing as outside the universe. Space was created with the Big Bang so is time.

But the Technicalities doesn't matter, it's how this work actually moves you that matters, and allows you to appreciate the Wonder of the cosmos, This made my mind go wild with ideas. Maybe the Real Big Bang looked a lot Boring than this, But This definitely is how it should have looked. Absolutely Amazing work of Art.
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¡Hola! He estado buscando alguna imagen referente al Big Bang y no he encontrado alguna tan impresionante como la tuya, me encuentro desarrollando un Software con el que pretendo que las generaciones futuras de mi universidad puedan aprender bioquímica de una manera más sencilla, y el Big Bang precisamente es uno de los temas con los que comienzo explicando la formación del universo, los átomos y elementos primordiales, la versión que ahorita estoy desarrollando es una versión gratuita en la que me gustaría utilizar tu imagen como referencia :) ya que también no cuento con mucha experiencia desarrollando Software como para hacer aún una versión comercial, pero en caso de que llegara a realizarla ¿crees que pueda utilizar tu imagen en ambos proyectos? :D
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podes usarla como y cuando quieras mientras no lucres con ella :)

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Sorta cool...

This is an incredible piece of work. I am doing a flyer for a local community event exploring the big bang, might I use this as a background? It would go out to those people who use our community centre in Birmingham, UK?
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I would like to use this image in a (completely non-commercial) blog post about the Big Bang. Is that all right?
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Thanks very much! Here is the page if you want to check it.…
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I like it! :D
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Really beautiful, but since the photons couldn't move at this time, the big bang was juste... black.
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So simple but so amazing. Really good
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This thing is beautiful. The way the explosion of everything is shown, the shock wave, the spirals. And the lighting! Dear god, the lighting. I love everything about it. Thank you for making such a lovely visualisation of the first instant of the universe.
The laws of physics do not matter in art, that is what makes it creation, and not recreation.
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That's an amazing piece of art! I'm wondering when your game is coming (want to be first to buy it!!! :D)
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Absolutely Mind bogglingly good Stuff, since the Universe expanded to a Massive size during the first 0.000000000000000000001 of a second via Inflation this image is quite possible (since by then you actually have space to see something like this in the first place) I love it how you made it very scientific, its true a fraction of a second after inflation universe became completely opaque and stayed like that for hundreds of thousands of years :) (But stars and galaxies came much long after that, but its ok since this is art), Amazing work my friend words cant appreciate this.
i think its great but abit unrealistic, that light from the middle should be able to melt my eyes
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Oh man, I researched the Big bang and baryogenisis for my 8th grade project, but I can barely remember it now! Is all that stuff the dense plasma-type soup of sub-atomic, sub-baryonic partcles?
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looks very good
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If the shock waves are the edge of the universe, what's that light outside? ;) That's one to ponder.
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