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Illuminate my soul



"In a world where war has transformed everything into an empty soulless future, and every sign of hope seems to be forgoten, one remaining light of faith wishes to grasp a new reality, and illuminate the future with freedom and peace. And with confidence and fierce he will always face the inminent destruction and will move foward untill the end of infinite times...

...always inside of us"


oh yeahh! that was deep!
This work is a featured submission of The Luminarium last exhibit "Illuminate 2". It took me a considerable amount of time to finish this piece ( about 14 hours of painting), and I think it was worth the effort. It also has a deep meaning hidden beneath the hole concept...:)

The Luminarium exhibit!: [link]
The DA group: [link]

I hope you like this work guys! :)
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War and battles have many different repercussions toward any and all those who participate in them. Some gain a feeling of true victory while others may feel a strange level of emptiness that will never seem to fill in. Apparently, automatons are not immune to this feeling as it is shown amazingly in keepwalking07's "Illuminate my Soul."

To begin with, the detail placed on the machine's form is excellent and carries a rough feeling of detail. You can almost imagine its exposed wiring in its joints and body parts moving slowly or even gently creaking about the battle-strewn field. Destroyed rocks, broken blades of grass in the foreground and what appear to be destroyed or burning fragments of other machines are askew throughout the field. Just looking at this piece with these thoughts in mind magnify its beauty even further. Lighting is another element in this piece that is just amazing. The exploding projectiles and burning background look great and add even more to the overall atmosphere of the image as darkening clouds begin to stain the skies of this field.

This is everything a great piece should be. An true feast for the senses as well as carrying a dark and strong story within it. Another outstanding piece by Keepwalking07 and a great achievement overall. Congrats again man! <img src="…" width="26" height="18" alt=":salute:" title="I salute you!"/>