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I fish

One more artwork for the Drone 42 series. This one is a little bit centered on the soul of robots during that age of human civilization/extintion. Its artificial inteligence is a self tought mechanisim that emulates nature evolution at its finest. Although it fails at finding its own purpose, it remains as the last recognizable aspects of humanity and life itself.

As always it was painted entirely in photoshop. I have no idea how much time this took, but probably 24 to 48 hours to finish.

Hope you guys enjoy it!!

Luv u all! :)
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May I use this as a profile icon for a roleplay blog I run, featuring a friendly AI?
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Love it! Very cute, and digging the subtle texture on the fish. (Plus, he looks happy?)
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afhalghajlghalgahhafafafaf this is AMAZING
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Wonderful design and render.
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I'm kinda excited for the project you're working on. Looks like an interesting story. c:
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This is why you're on my watch list.
Amazing composition, though I'm unsure the intended scale of the fish? Are they lined up with the Goliath(hence huge) or in the foreground and much smaller. I find that a little difficult to tell is all.
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yay finally some more art from the glorious keepwalking07 *u* i've been a fan since 2011 or so and i've always loved the robots concepts with their souls and how their eyes are just lovely and hypnotizing balls of glow and i also very much enjoy the change in your art, in case u didnt notice its all a whole lot colorful and lively, bright, during day times, feels more optimistic and less.. umm.. less chaotic? ur art always made me FEEL something so i was always drawn to it,  it seems quitting ur job and focusing on ur art has had a certain effect on it, and we all enjoy it ^^ pls, continue to draw and make these, for some of us cherish it as important and lovely memories and hopefully we can make more of those :3
love, fucking everyone who saw what you do!
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Oh Man I:love: your artstyle. This is really well done. :) :+fav:
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Has a very mellow vibe :)

Love how innocent the huge robot looks, as if trying to understand its surroundings.
I love it! These giant robot paintings you do are just fantastic! And is that a robotic fish?
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