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Forest sorceress

Personal project I started a couple of weeks ago to step up my game a little bit. My goal was to improve on my lighting skills and perfect the human body. Still there is a long road to walk but I am happy this being my first step into more complex illustrations. I cannot possibly count the hours I put into this, I honestly use whatever free time I have when I wasnt working on my office job.
As always hope you like.

Process step by step:…

This is a special artwork dedicated to my wife Ingrid [ RubyKeane ] ,who I love with all my heart.
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Hello and merry Critmas (not a typo)!
I must admit I'm quite surprised to see a gem like this show up amidst the other critiquable works on dA - this one caught my eye immediately with its excellent lighting and mood and the really skillful rendition of her hair and face. She's a captivating presense, that's for sure! You've got an amazing and expressive style.
With that said I feel there's a few bits here and there where I think there's room for improvement: her wrists are so slender as to enter the realm of semi-realism sooner than the rest of her, but we can write that off to style so no biggy. However, I spot some guesswork going on there at her elbow (her right, our left) which is extremely sharm and pointy. The skin fold her her left (our right) breast also doesn't seem to line up with the volume suggested by her bodice/clothes. Minor detail but one I'm sure people will be looking at, which is something to keep in mind.
Other than that, there's absolutely nothing I'd even want to think of criticising; like I said before, it's a gorgeous piece and incredibly engaging so please, let the New Year be a prolific one for you so we will get to see lots and lots more like this in the future.
Have a wonderful day and happy holidays, and see you around!
(PS don't mind the stars, I just give everyone the same amount. Stars aren't the right way to discuss art, I feel.)

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Great work. How's things going?
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She looks awesome. Heart 
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Holy cow!!!! This is spectacular! So much better thany anything I could do, I love it!!
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Beautiful! Damn, those hands are elegant. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. 

The costume design is very neat too, and very dramatic pose and overall look. You did a great job at making the lighting (an upward angle) not look creepy as it usually does in real life.

I see you're looking for critique - one thing that pops out at me is that the top hand is at the very front of the piece, and nearly the main focal point besides the face. But the top hand isn't very clearly defined - it's almost blurred. My gut says that more definition or a few strokes of a hard brush to more crisply outline the hand would do the trick. (Unless, of course, the fuzziness is intentional with a very shallow depth of field so only the face plane is in focus. But if that's the case, it seems almost a shame considering the awesome and elegant anatomy of the hands).

Again, gorgeous job on this. Wishing you all the luck with your art in the new year!

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Absolutely lovely.
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