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June 28, 2009
Destiny - Good vs Evil by =keepwalking07

A very great entry for the contest and an simply awesome picture in general. The image shows the result of somebody who really is dedicated to a genre! Suggested by ~bolv3rk and *zocafx
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Destiny - Good vs Evil



yes! :D

I finished my work for the wacom intuos contest: " Bring your vision to life"

I know there are many good artists out there trying to win the prices, but I wanted to take the chance too :)

So...how I came out with this.
A couple of days ago I was thinking about how to improve my airbrushing tecniques, and meanwhile was thinking about " the return" ( my previous work), wich was my first improvment in that area. I try to think a better way to make that scene but with a diferent concept in my mind. In the end this contest suddenly appear ang gave me the best idea: Heaven vs hell, but in space! :dance:

I wanted this work to be completly airbrushed, so I work hard for the last 2 days with my mouse, and end up with this. :D

As always I hope you like it :nod:

Any critiques are welcome :)

EDIT: Title fixed :)

EDIT 2: Holy Sh*t ! 250 favs :omg:
Thank you all so much for the support!! :dance:

I removed my signature and the title, so now the work follows the rules, but now im realy afraid of art thieves :fear:

EDIT 3: Foreground asteroids are now airbrushed. Now the hole piece is 100% airbrushed :aww:

EDIT 4 : OMG a DD, Im so happy :dance:

Thanks a lot to Taenaron, ~bolv3rk and *zocafx :D
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