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Dead Space

Collab between :iconmcchaz: and me :iconkeepwalking07: !!

An impresive dead space scene. Here is the story Chaz wrote for this work:

"he USG Ishimura "Planet Cracker" ship, during the process of mining the planet of Aegis VII, sends out a distress signal to the Concordance Extraction Corporation (CEC). The CEC dispatches the USG Kellion to investigate. As the Kellion attempts to dock with the Ishimura, a malfunction occurs and the Kellion is badly damaged, and the crew begins to seek a means of return. As the crew explores the apparently abandoned Ishimura, they are attacked by Necromorphs, killing off all but Clarke, Hammond, and Daniels. Hammond recognizes that many of the Ishimura's systems are failing, threatening the ship due to a nearby asteroid belt, and sends Clarke around the ship to fix the core systems to keep them alive."

Chazz did a wonderfull job on this one. He changed composition and colour, added the asteroids and made the hole nebula/background, wich gives this work an outstanding result.

plz go visit his gallery, he has excelent works there :P

I made some minor changes for the ship warp ray, nothing really important. :)

go fav hiswork too! :D : [link]

hope you like it!! :D

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love the style of this drawing and the silhouettes :D
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This really gives me such a chill down my spine
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cool picture and great wonderfull work:) (Smile)
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Impossible! :) 
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amazing scene!
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May I use your work as thumbnail/background picture for piano pieces I upload on Youtube?
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beatiful, just beatiful !
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I would die happy if I saw this scene for real **
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Wow. Awesome picture. 
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nice picture my friend
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Sniff... The beauty... It makes me tear up in joy.
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