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Canis Mayoris

By FacundoDiaz
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omg! I finally finished this one!! :D. I present you now
VY Canis Majoris.....Weried name isnt it?.

Know as the Bigest star ever discoverd. Its an Hipergiant red star, and its located on Canis Major constalation. Its size is aprox. between 1800 and 2100 sun radius O.o, and 500.000 times brighter than the sun!!!
Imagin that......

edit info:
done in photoshopCS
Edit time: 10 hours
Layers: 87
Resolution:1280 x 816 :)

This is the last one of my hipergiant stars work, and one of the pieces from the upcoming ..."Epic Supernova wallpaper pack" :D

Update: FIXED ALL :), Changed everything :)
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GratuitousReshadHobbyist General Artist
It's been 11 years and still this is one of my most favorite childhood digital works. Thank you, FacundoDiaz!
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I love your stars, PLEASE make a tutorial on youtube or on an another sites for explain how to do a star. (Sorry if I don't speak correctly, I'm French ^^)
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downiketHobbyist General Artist
Actually, VY Canis Majoris is not the largest star known. There is no precise answer, as we cannot observe the whole universe, but UY Scuti is the leading candidate for being the largest star known, though KY Cygni has a chance to be larger.
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Wow all in PS? Looks awesome.

Can you explain some of the techniques behind the light effects and how did you make the asteroids?
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ShikamaruArisaWolfHobbyist Writer
Oooooo! Thats so awesome! Would you mind if I use this for my profile picture on Wolf Play? My pack is called Canis Majoris and this picture would be perfect! I'd make sure to give you credit too ^-^
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Hey man, that looks pretty awesome! Do you mind me using it in a school project?
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FacundoDiazProfessional Digital Artist
yes go ahead
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such wrong information you provide it's more than billion times bigger than sun source www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeMFZG…
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josharts529Hobbyist Artist
oh wow, through my telescope that ting was just a dot 0_o
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flintspikeHobbyist General Artist
mind if i ask a few questions?
how do you pull of the effect with the flares coming off the sun, like the smoke? and also the bottom left corner?
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This is very cool!
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Nikya2tStudent Photographer
This is aawesome!!!
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LordElektroARTStudent Interface Designer
I was like: OMG. E.P.I.C.
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how the heck did u do this in ps?! omggg! care to share? :P
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FacundoDiazProfessional Digital Artist
there u go :)

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DarkSeducer257Student Photographer
Wow, this is so beautiful!! :D
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Lord-IluvatarHobbyist Digital Artist
amazing! added to fav!
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Just imagine the explosion it will make when it dies!
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DestinyOkami Digital Artist
OMG that's so amazing. 'o'. I might just wanna buy the print ^w^ I might do that tommorowz :)
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FacundoDiazProfessional Digital Artist
thank you so much :D
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DestinyOkami Digital Artist
kiiii <3 u are welcome :D
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Did you draw this....from scratch? Holy frickin' crap!
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