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Avengers - shawarma

By Fachala86
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Is a little bit huge for a Stamp. I know.
I still hope you like it people :dummy:

better quali

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The only thing that sets me off is Clint has his feet on the back Natasha's Chair, I think you've gone too far Clint, too far...
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The Cap is the only one who is not eating.
Is he tired, or he didn't like it? =D
What's Shawarma, anyway?
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Least hungry- Cap

Most hungry- Thor

At least that's how I rate it. After watching this I think Thor ate the most (a big, mussel-ly boy's gotta eat)

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Lol I still luv it how Clint's feet r resting on Natasha's chair and it looks lik both of them (at least Black Widow) r lookin at each other. In the second 1 I want them 2 hav an affair... I know, I'm weird ;_;
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ehehehe thats so funny that pic! x)

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SHAWARRRRMMMMMMAAAA. lol tony's been wanting to try this for a while, wha a let down don't you think? ;v; but i bet it tastes better? lol even the stamp has a "ackward vibe" about it like what you get when you rp/cosplay in public. lol X> cute i love it!
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How weird would it be for you if you worked there and they all just came in xD
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I love this scene all exhausted by eating their sandwich héhé
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D'aw poor caps all tired
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he isn't hungryyyyyyy
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just tired remember he didnt sleep then had to fight all those aliens
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yes yes this also.. uhh myy brain freezeee :noes:
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:noes: no dont freeze!
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Toooo late *freezzzzzze*
Anyway.. I drawing my oc now marvel occccc with gobby. just a pose picture. evil evil evilll :dummy: We need more evilnesssssssssssssssss
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oh cool you made a marvel oc? i'm almost finished coloring in my reptile guy...im thinking of putting him with the mutant people instead of Avengers academy :rofl:
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Ohhhh your reptile ruleeeeeeeeeez :la: just saying :3

yes I make one. one in SSM style one in Amazing spidey style. C:

little bit also wow like.. because I love the armor from the wow game.. sooo much. Still playing not more wow. to costly. xD
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I love that scene. XD
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I've always liked Captain America in this scene. He looks so bored xD.
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yeah. He isn't hungryyyyyyyyy xD
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Maybe he would rather eat somewhere else... xD
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But shawarma is soo tasty. I eat it again yesterday ö^ö
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I never tried shawarma. How does it taste? :B
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You know what is a wrap or burrito? is a little bit like that. But other fixings.

you can fill it how you want :la:

But when I go in my city to that place. the sell " shawarma" I eat it all the years x''''D I never noticed that is shawarma x''''D
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