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Avengers EMH Stamp - Iron Man

By Fachala86
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Iron Man : Avengers Assemble !

Other Stamps [link]

Tony Stark / Iron Man © Marvel
Blank Stamp © ~AHMED-ART [link]
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thank you for making this
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I miss this show. I wish they could bring it back. I don't really mind the new avengers assemble show replacing it
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Avengers! Asemble!
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what show is this from?
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I love this! I remember this being in the opening theme. omg now I want to watch the show XD. and i LOVED the themesong :iconyayzplz:
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:iconyayzplz::iconyayzplz::iconyayzplz: Mee too.

In german is the theme song so ugly x''D this hurt so much in the ears :rofl:

hr hr hr hr hr ö3ö then looky
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lol i love the version with Bad City singing the theme. [link] even the outro is epic
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Yes, the song is really epic :iconyayzplz: I have it as a ringtone on my mobile :meow:
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omg! I should have it as a ringtone tew O: LOVE IT! I actually woke with it stuck in my head and now I'm listening to it XD
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Oh yes :) and this song usually helps me when I have bad mood... This song make me happy :D Especially whe I'm singing with them too :)
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:heart: I knowwww

I look that all in english. because also the voice is better in english as german.
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ima watch da show nao :3
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I love that show!!!!
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I seriously love the way they draw Tony in that show, I just wished he would take off the suit more often!
Also, why is Bruce....never Bruce? He's always the Hulk, except for a few exceptions, but they made it a hulk who is...intelligent.
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Me also.

Good question. But I also like the way ,how is Hulk in this series. really. I know the old hulk cartoons. And nobody see the hulk as a hero. Just want hunt him.
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