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J0s-CAdvEkw by MartaSyrko
Shell Shock - The Invisible Scars of War by KristofDeSaeger
ragazzo arrabbiato by nicolaasporter
Marlon Brando by Fielderscenes
Traditional - Diversity of Character
Robin Williams by AmBr0
Angelina Jolie Drawing by Yankeestyle94
castiel by Adniv
Frank N Furter by xabigal-eyesx
Traditional - Duos and Couples
Our Little Infinity by Lauren-Gowler
Commission for Pete by xabigal-eyesx
Anarchy Found 1 by AmBr0
Komrijweek by IrisBouman
Traditional - The Face of Youth
Adriana by Naitho
 DSC6097bninternet by Rubengda
Candice Swanepoel*UPDATED by Paul-Shanghai
Rey -Star Wars by ShinzaK
Photography - Monochrome
Elena blackandwhite 1 by zerxx
Eduardo by Anhen
Tranquil Beauty by GodDamnUglyRob
Thug Life by Tschankee
Photography - Duotone and Sepia
Launora by fotoz-eu
Freckled girl with long earrings by RadoslawSass
Un verre de rouge by endegor
*** by Tarasov
Photography - Multiple Exposure
Shadow of myself by yume-no-yukari
Darius had passed Thermopylae by Nodvikoff
l by sandae
Disorders by Mheely
Photography - The Face of Youth
That shy smile by LinkyQ
Joy by guessforfree
little clown ... by julie-rc
Sisters I by rawimage
Freeborn Brothers by RadoslawSass
The Factory Worker by CuriousTraveller
Brick Kiln - III by InayatShah
80 by felixlu
Digital - Illustration and Painting
Phase Variable Form Lady by DEMVENTURINI
Portrait Drawing by wawa3761
Miranda Kerr Liquid Water Dress Digital Drawing by JoeDieBestie
Portrait Practice 3 by AaronGriffinArt
Digital - Three Dimensional
Sammy Jo, Freebie Face Morphs, for Goldy Skin ... by studioartvartanian
Blended Media
Adriel by Flobelebelebobele
The Face of History
Alexander the Great by Develv
Renowned Character
Oy Veh! by joniwagnerart
Renowned of Acting
Benedict Cumberbatch02 by Rukshanas
Renowned of Fashion
Kristina Pimenova2 by ekota21
Renowned of Music
John Lennon II by FinAngel
Renowned of Sport
Cristiano Ronaldo drawing by FredrikEriksson1
In Character - Stage, Screen and Lit'
Nancy by Frost-DeWinter
Heroines, Heroes and Villains
Rey ~ Star Wars ~ Daisy Ridley by cfischer83
A Touch of Color
Julia Graf Butterfly Fairy by Yankeestyle94
WorkSpace and Process
Wip Fili by zephyrxavier
Tutorials and Resourcess
Fantasy Eyes Step by Step Tutorial by Seiorai

Portraitists Busy At Work In The Studio

           When you're only lonely ... by Tea-Rex

    I am interested in expressing something that has built up from within, then extracted from without.

—Ansel Adams



primul zambet by 6morbidpleasure9 primul zambet :icon6morbidpleasure9:6morbidpleasure9 53 7 Ashley by Randy-man Ashley :iconrandy-man:Randy-man 2,770 835 Dexter Morgan by Stanbos Dexter Morgan :iconstanbos:Stanbos 3,517 1,321 Tony Stark by kleinmeli Tony Stark :iconkleinmeli:kleinmeli 4,769 433 iris by neo-innov iris :iconneo-innov:neo-innov 6,100 551 Alexandra by NerySoul Alexandra :iconnerysoul:NerySoul 2,048 121 Helena by andrewfphoto Helena :iconandrewfphoto:andrewfphoto 1,643 343 European Portraits: No. 10 by Nullermanden European Portraits: No. 10 :iconnullermanden:Nullermanden 1,919 369 Wind by littlemewhatever Wind :iconlittlemewhatever:littlemewhatever 3,377 334 Karo-lina by hellwoman Karo-lina :iconhellwoman:hellwoman 3,685 362 black n white by iv0rine black n white :iconiv0rine:iv0rine 105 38 White Swan by Anna-Mariaa White Swan :iconanna-mariaa:Anna-Mariaa 1,518 736 Black and White by steph--95 Black and White :iconsteph--95:steph--95 72 22 Colette by ClintCearley Colette :iconclintcearley:ClintCearley 1,364 103 swing life away by ByLaauraa swing life away :iconbylaauraa:ByLaauraa 179 21

Frodo Baggins -Pencil Portrait by FuchsiaBud

  "I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.

  "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times.  But that is not for them to decide.  All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

—J.R.R. Tolkien

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Faces Monochrome is a collective of artistic individuals inspired by the portrayal of the human face. The portraits displayed through our exhibitions are, with rare exceptions, purely monochromatic. The tonal purity of black and white allows a viewer to focus upon the fundamental aspects of a portrayed subject.

Within a space absent the distraction of colors there is an intimacy between the creator's intention and the viewer's perception where interesting, often inspirational, exchanges transpire. The primary purpose of this group is to encourage and nurture such exchanges between those who craft monochromatic portrayals and those who are drawn to inspired engagement with such works.

Participation in the group's exhibitions is open to portrayals in a broad range of media, including: traditional illustration and painting; photography; digital illustration; 3D and artisan crafts.
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Jan 3, 2012


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Submission Guidelines




Faces Monochrome is a collective of artistic individuals inspired by the portrayal of the human face.  Portraits displayed through our exhibitions are, with rare exceptions, purely monochromatic.


Anyone is welcome to join and contribute to the galleries.  All that we require for membership approval is the confirmation of at least one monochromatic portrait within your gallery from any creative medium.

Gallery Submission Essentials

:bulletblack:  Allowances :  In order to provide fair attention to each portrait, with a membership of this size, submission allowances are presently set at two per week.

:bulletblack:  Quality :  This is an exhibition of completed works of an evident quality range.  Unfinished works can not be accepted.  There is, however a gallery for the display of imagery which conveys work process for the purpose of sharing technique and style.

:bulletblack:  Media :  We have endeavored to provide distinct gallery space for most visual media accepted at DeviantArt.  We warmly welcome suggestions if you believe we have overlooked an avenue of expression for monochromatic works.

:bulletblack:  Color & Tone :  As the name of the group declares, this is an exhibit of Black & White portraiture. Gradations of tone are allowed for Traditional works where an off-white foundation is employed for mood or effect.  For Photography there is a gallery for portraits of Pure Monochrome and a distinct gallery for Sepia and Duotone portraits.

There is a gallery open to works in all media titled 'A Touch of Color' for portraits in which a minor accent of color is employed for dramatic effect or to enhance the illustration of character.

:bulletblack:  Composition :  The primary intention of this exhibit is the portrayal of character.  The subject's face, therefore, must be the center of focus within your portrait unless, in rare cases, where obscurity aids in the illustration of character.  Compositional format for all galleries is from the waist up.  Full body portraits can not be accepted. : Works which focus exclusively on a single feature of the face, such as an eye or the mouth, also can not be accepted, as they do not portray enough of the subject's character to fit within the exhibition's intention.

:bulletblack:  Nudity : So long as the face remains the center of focus, not the figure, nudity is allowed in all galleries.  As it seems worth repeating here, composition of portraits with nudity must also be framed from the waist up.

Uniformity of Gallery Display & Presentation

The foundational objective of this group is to build and sustain an inspirational exhibition for those who create and enjoy viewing human portraits in black & white media.  To succeed in this endeavor we work daily to cultivate a diverse exhibition of galleries which are inviting to visit and interesting to explore.  Simply creating another group into which images are 'dropped off' and soon forgotten amongst hundreds of others is of no interest to us.  We desire to build a resource which is a celebration of monochromatic portraits and an inspiration to future creative expression.

What we ask of members is help in the gallery cultivation process.  We do not limit participation by the stage of an artist's development.  We each began as novices and we each have grown by interaction with those at greater skill levels who supported us and gave us their attention and council.  What we do strive to accomplish is a somewhat uniform quality of presentation within the galleries.

It is a fairness to each and every artist exhibited that there is a cohesion to the manner and style in which all works are presented.  It is for the purpose of establishing a minimum standard of overall gallery quality that the following guidelines are firmly employed.

:bulletblack:  Watermarks :  As creators of visual imagery ourselves, we fully appreciate and encourage the protection of an artist's creative works.  The use of watermarks is one form of content protection which can be effective.  The use of your own watermark will not effect the approval of a submission, so long as it is not too invasive across the overall image. What can not be accepted for the sake of the exhibition is a large watermark such as the template DA logo, which obscures the face of a subject in a portrait.  This has been a standing guideline since the forming of Faces Monochrome.

:bulletblack:  Scan Quality :  Traditional art and analog film prints must be well scanned or photographed.   Submissions which are blurred, pixelated, overly dark or washed out can not be accepted.

:bulletblack:  Image Size :  The viewing size of your artwork is important to both the viewer's experience and a fair appreciation of your portrait.  Each artist is responsible to choose the best size for their work to be displayed and enjoyed through a screen.  If a portrait is so small that essential details can not be seen it will likely be declined.  A work may also be declined if the presentation dimensions are so large that the face can not be recognized without significant scrolling.

Nobody Likes To Be Declined .. But It Happens

Since the group's formation, the large majority of portraits submitted have been accepted. Any reason why a work could not be accepted is listed above.  Know that all submissions are subject to review and vote; no member submissions are automatically approved.  We understand the value to an artist of understanding the reasons why when a portrait can not be accepted.  

Maintaining a group is always a time-consuming labor, yet we do our best to explain decisions which must be made regarding submissions.  Some days the flow of submissions grows overwhelming and we are unable to respond personally about each work.  If one of your works is declined and you do not receive an explanation, feel welcome to write to us and ask for one.  Please do this by leaving a comment within the original submission or by sending a note to the group referencing the specific image with a link.  Asking about a work on the group's main page will not assure a response.

Yes, the guidelines are detailed.  The purpose of having such a firm universal structure is to assure that your works are presented in a manner and environment which encourages a fair viewing by an interested audience.  It is our hope that you enjoy and benefit from exhibiting your works within this exhibit and that you also discover inspiring works displayed by other artists.

If you have any questions or suggestions feel welcome to send us a note.

Faces Monochrome Mail:…


 In creative work we play undisguisedly with the fleetingness of our life ...

                                   Tainted by orsnai

     An empirical fact about our lives is that we do not and cannot know what will happen a day or a moment in advance.  The unsuspected awaits us at every turn and every breath.  The future is a vast, perpetually generated mystery, and the more we live and know, the greater the mystery.

A creative life is risky business.  To follow your own course, not patterned on parents, peers or institutions, involves a delicate balance of tradition and personal freedom.  While on some dimensions living a normal life, you are nevertheless a pioneer, venturing into new territory, breaking away from the molds and models that inhibit the heart's desire, creating life as it goes.  Being, acting, creating in the moment without props and supports, without security, can be supreme play, and it can also be frightening, the very opposite of play.  Stepping into the unknown can lead to delight, poetry, invention, humor, lifetime friendships, self-realization, and occasionally a great creative breakthrough.  Stepping into the unknown can also lead to failure, disappointment, rejection, sickness, or death.

In creative work we play undisguisedly with the fleetingness of our life, with some awareness of our own death.  Listen to Mozart's later music ... you hear all its lightness, energy, transparency and good humor, yet you also hear the breath of ghosts blowing through it. Death and life came to be that close for him.  It was the completeness and intensity with which both primal forces met and fused in him, and his freedom to play with those forces, that made Mozart the supreme artist he was.

—Stephen Nachmanovitch





     We are all creative.  Each one of us.  We are creative when we're asleep and dreaming.  We are creative the moment we open our eyes and look at the world.  We are creative when we speak.  Indeed, we have been immersed in creativity from the moment of birth.  Creativity nurtured us when we took our first steps and spoke our first words.  And creativity will continue to embrace us until the end of our lives.

   —F. David Peat, The Blackwinged Night



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