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I never thought a piece of mine would actually be viewed by the show staff themselves. That's pretty cool; definitely makes this neat little gift poster something that I can nod my head at in approval.

A friend of mine over in the MLPG Chat came to me asking if I could render up a scene with the writers of MLP:FiM doing 'writy stuff' together. After being shown a good assortment of the established OCs (Amy, Cindy, Meghan, and Corey all had one we could find easy), I scratched my chin for a bit and made up one for Larson. I thought he'd get a giggle out of what I came up with. I really liked the design Klondike came up with for Corey Powell, so I decided to roll with it. She makes for a pretty cute dragon writer person.

After it was all rendered, my chat buddy made a couple of prints and let the staff keep them. Hope the crew likes 'em!

More pones to come soon, I'm sure of it. Keep it classy, ponefriends.

EDIT: Almost forgot to put up all the names. Let's do this proper:

From left to right: Cindy Morrow (Bacon Sizzle), Amy Keating Rogers, Meghan McCarthy (Big Boss), M.A. Larson, and Corey Powell.
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