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Cutie Mark Curlers [COMMISSION]



After a fun filled afternoon of diving off the docks near Sweetie's house and teaching Babs how to swim, the Crusaders find themselves in high spirits. Although they didn't earn their swimming instructor Cutie Marks, Sweetie Belle suggests they should celebrate their success with Babs by having a sleepover at her house. While Applebloom and Babs think it's a great idea, Scootaloo is a little hesitant. Her gut turns when she thinks back to all the mud masks and makeovers they were giving each other last time. Everything seems to be going alright as they listen to some jams, eat snacks, and wind up for some games and stories, but Sweetie Belle soon busts out a small basket of hair curlers she 'borrowed' from her sister. She offers to do up all of their manes and tails. Not wanting to disappoint her friend, Scootaloo reluctantly lets her unicorn friend practice her magic and 'fix' her up.

This lovely artwork's a sequel piece to Swimming Lessons, another commission from my good friend :iconslayerman118:. Sweetie Belle isn't exactly trained with her manestyling or magic quite yet, so her friends' manes and tails are all over the place. I imagine that they'd actually look pretty cute when the curlers come out. I had a lot of fun designing all the little things in this scene, such as the record-playing portable boombox and Babs' bunny. There's a ton of little details scattered about in this one, including some mysterious text on the book cover nearest to the screen. I wonder what that says... i-it's not like I wrote it s-something, r-right?

I really like how this one turned out. There's a lot of colors and quite a bit of action to take in. I like when artwork can tell a viewer an interesting story without really having to use any words. Of course, that's if you don't include my super-long short story descriptions or anything like that. On it's own, it holds water. I think that makes it an effective story-telling piece.

Hopefully I'll be able to keep the ponies coming. Also hope I can get some more cute commissions/requests like this. I find myself having too much fun with 'em. Until I find some more ponies for all ya'll, keep it classy, ponefriends.
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