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Chronicles of Alvarys: Kaius Silverblade Chapter 2 :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 5 0
Digital Love
It was a simple night like it always was. The sky was clear, not a cloud anywhere to be found and the moon bigger than it had ever been. There was an air of mysticism that you could almost feel but it was just illusive enough to evade feeling. This suit was very stuffy. I felt every part of me sweat profusely but then again that may have just been because of nervousness. I was scared out of my mind. Was my breath good? Did I smell good? Was there something in my teeth? Should I take my glasses off? Should I leave them on? Is the flower too much? Should I have gotten a corsage instead? Do I look weird? Is the suit too big for me? This feels too big for me. Ah the sweating is getting worse! My friend patted me on the shoulder and gave me a grin. It calmed me more than I thought it would. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and walked with me inside, laughing vibrantly. He was clearly excited. The school dance was something he wouldn’t shut up about all week. We walk inside and th
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 4 0
Something To Hide
Class hadn’t started yet. The teacher simply sat in his chair and glared at his computer screen with eyes of hunger before he turned to me. I think. I felt like everyone was staring at me. They just kept their eyes glued to my mask and gave a hollow grin, their eyes scrunching up ever so slightly when one does as they smile. It stabbed my very core like nothing before. My friend Skull looked at me and nudged me, bellowing a chuckle that sounded like a bear scarfing down food. I chuckled with him, like a lion cub trying to roar. The class began, and the teacher fixed his mask before beginning the lesson. I could hear my friend whispering with his other friends, Wolf, Snake and Raccoon. “Where is she?” “Do you think she’ll show?” “You said she would be here.” was most of what I heard before Skull assured them that she was on her way. He then leaned over to me and whispered, “You did it right?” Just then the door burst open and t
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 2 0
Mature content
Chronicles of Alvarys: Miscellaneous Myths :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 1 0
Charlie and Dawn were sitting at a small table in a fast food store and munching away at their food, talking about basic nonsense. Dawn was a human girl, soft brown eyes, chocolate colored skin and curly black hair while Charlie was a brown colored wolf with very fluffy fur with it being winter and all.
"Alright new question. Super geeky by the way:Who would win in a fight? Superman or the Hulk?" Dawn asked munching on a French fry. Charlie didn't even look up from his food.
"Superman. Hands down." Dawn's jaw dropped.
"No freaking way! The Hulk is like a thousand pounds of raw strength, dude!"
"Yeah but Superman's Superman."
"That doesn't mean he beats everyone who can ever exist!" Charlie chuckled and looked at her with a smile.
"What makes you think he can lose?"
"Alright well... Lets stretch some nerd muscles here. The Hulk once held up an entire mountain."
"Superman pulled the Earth."
"The Hulk had a healing factor that beats Wolverines."
"So does Superman."
"If he's around the Sun
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 0 0
Mature content
Carmilla :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 1 0
Chronicles of Alvarys: Kaius Silverblade Chapter I
Blackwood. A cold place. A poor place. It's nothing special by any stretch of the imagination. In fact it's nothing period. Blackwood is a very old and decrepit place. The wood is rotting, the walls crumbling, the trees and plants wilting, and the people suffering. It's a hellhole. This story is a long one. A very long one. And it details the rise of the great man we give thanks to to this very day for forming the great and powerful empire of Meria. You may be wondering what Meria is but don't you worry. All will be explained in due time. I simply ask you to be patient...
The King of Blackwood stood over the map of the country and frowned as so much of it was colored red. Red was a color that detailed the areas that truly had no laws. No rules. No royal influence. Anything went in these rogue infested lands. And sadly his city was apart of the red. There was nothing he could do anymore. It was just a matter of survival at this point. He was so deep in thought, so ingrained in his thoug
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 2 0
Mature content
The Story of Weyla Chapter 2 :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 4 0
Mature content
Modern Gods :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 5 0
I Am Not Mad
Miscellaneous Story: This is purely a work of fiction and in no way does this writing accurately reflect anything the writer has done, thought about doing, is going to do, or what they think about. This is simply writing something that I do not write often. I would love feedback to all who may read it. Inspired by The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.
Truly there is nothing I love more than the sweet sound of silence. In this day and age it can be quite hard to find it as with the growth of technology, everything gets louder and louder to the point that I can’t hear. You ask me why I did what I did? Allow me to explain the story from the beginning for starting at the end is a mad man’s role…
I simply lay in bed at my home, the sun was going down and the Moon was taking it’s rightful place amongst the heavens as the most beautiful thing that could be and with her came a blissful silence that is hard to find during the day. And then the silence was broken
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 7 2
His Unification Brings Death
The country is burning. Scattered and wounded. It is bleeding in a way that is both subtle and blatant, slow and dizzyingly fast. A crowd of people in feverous anger conjoin together and debate what is to be done for the fate of the country. Yet at the head of it all is a man who you know never speaks wisdom. His tongue a smooth silver yet everything that spews off of it is pure excrement. He is not a man to follow yet wants you to follow him nonetheless. He asks that you blind your eyes and sever your ears in a show of loyalty and open your mouth when he is ready to hear what you have to say. He stands in front of everyone and holds his arms up in a hushing motion, the hollers of the room dimming to a dull whisper.
"Strength is not shown in words but rather in actions. Our home shatters every waking second and rather than battle amongst ourselves, we must battle against the termites that gnaw at our home. We must unite! And I believe that I can guide this country through this blight a
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 3 0
Mature content
The Story Of Shen Chapter 1 :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 2 0
Celestial Voyage
The great Pyramids of Egypt. One of the most recognizable places on the world now called Earth. A symbol of the great pride for the Egyptian people and something that all not native to the land believe to be otherworldly. Massive mountain like structures that reaches the skies and are kissed by the glorious sun every passing day. What are they for? Why are they in Egypt? But more importantly... who made them? If you truly wish to hear of this story, get comfortable, mortal, for this will be quite the long one...
Millions and millions of years ago, long before recorded history and centuries before the birth of Man, there was space. And in this space existed beings with greater technology than anything you have today. There are no words in any of your... primitive human languages to describe the magnificence of these people but there was one that came somewhat close. It was uttered by your ancestors everyday. God. Quite the title. The Lord of Life and our creator was Ra. Much like how th
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 2 0
I sit at the edge of the bed diligently, the object of my eyes laying there almost lifelessly as the rain on the outside of the building pits and pats against the window of the room, the sun far gone past the edge of the world and no longer wishing to give me the joy it once did before. To go the whole day worrying for you. You lay there in a state of incomprehensible pain yet your eyes closed and unmoving, your breath slow and steady yet every one taunting me of your pain and how you truly feel. Every second you exhale my heart races, unsure if this will be your last breath, my only solace the beeping of the monitor right next to you. How did this happen? I remember not. And you cannot tell me. All I know is you were hurt and I was not there. I see the damage done to you, small scratches and wounds and scars, each one worse than the one. I can’t look away. I refuse. It’s almost disrespectful. You’re moans of pain while you sleep there make my heart ache greater than
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 1 2
Kaunan's Story
It was dark and cold room. A single light shining from over head on a singular being dead center in the room. The light was coming from the Moon itself which was shining through a large barred hole high above with guards up there watching him. They had various levers that controlled the various chains wrapped around the man. Speaking of the man, He was held up by chains wrapped around his arms and holding him upward. Chains also were wrapped around his stomach and neck holding his head up. His ankles were shackled too and chained him to the floor. He wore no clothes and had long hair that completely covered his face,And his face was something to hide. It was covered in blood and sweat and he was soaked in what seemed or be water. There was a massive scar across his face from his right eye to his left cheek.
His chest and stomach as well as his back was covered in scars and lashes,As if he had been whipped. His legs-While incredibly muscular like the rest of him-Had the veins nearly bur
:iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 1 0
Mature content
Perceptions of Me :iconfacelessbuster:FacelessBuster 1 0


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Wow. 20 watchers. Just... Wow. It's good to know people actually like the things I write and are interested in seeing more. Yes. I am aware that's not very many but it's a lot to me, okay? I'm sorry posting new stories takes so long but with college and several other things in life taking a lot of my time, it makes it a bit difficult to find the time and energy to write. Don't worry though. Still writing. So I want to thank all of you who are watching me and faving my work. It seriously means a lot. Y'all are the best! 

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7 years later

"You can do better than that Kaius!" Shouted the trainer as he watched Kaius fight. The young prince was locked in a sparring match with his best friend Tyr Highlander, and seemed to be doing well. The two were locked in an intense sword fight but holding back on each other. Kaius swung his sword only for it to be blocked by Tyr's shield pushing the prince back and charging forward and bashing him back with the shield. Kaius kicked Tyr back and swung his sword at his friends’ head who ducked quickly and blocked another attack with his own sword. Kaius was shoved back once more but this time when Tyr came for him, Kaius jumped and kicked Tyr's shield, forcing the young warrior back and leaving him open for attack. Kaius ran forward and slid to the ground, sweeping his leg at Tyr's feet and tripping the man, sending him crashing onto his back. He pointed his sword at his fallen comrade who smiled before kicking the sword out of Kaius' hand. He rolled back onto his feet and lunged his sword forward, scraping against Kaius' armor as he just barely dodged it. Tyr kicked away Kaius' sword and swiped at him, actually managing to scar Kaius just above the eyebrow. Tyr kicked him back and Kaius fell over, losing his shield and the fight as the mentor called it off.

"That is all!" He exclaimed as Kaius dusted himself off. He walked over to the young prince and patted his shoulder before picking up the shield and dusting it off. He called over Tyr and made them look at the shield. "Brilliant fighters the both of you. I would expect nothing less... however-"

"Oh boy," Tyr sighed. "Every time he says that it means we fucked up somehow."

"Speak for yourself. I think I did well," said Kaius, smiling.

"Oh Is that why you lost?"

"I ‘lost’ because I was holding back."

"That’s probably why you have a scratch on your eyebrow now."

"A lucky strike! And a weak one too now that we’re bringing attention to it." He laughed. The mentor called for their attention and had them look at the shield.

"I was going to say you did well however you need to realize that a shield is not just for protection." Tyr scoffed. "You doubt my advice mister Highlander?"

"Only a lot." The mentor smiled.

"Perhaps you would prefer a demonstration over meaningless words, eh?" Tyr raised an eyebrow while the mentor looked at Kaius.

"Go get your sword boy. You need to learn this lesson too." Kaius did as he was told and ran for his sword as the mentor told the both of them to fight him. Kaius and a Tyr looked at each other quizzically before looking at their mentor.

"You sure about this old man?"

"I'm tougher than I look. Come at me. And don't hold back in the slightest. Got it?" The two of them looked at each other again before shrugging and moving in to attack. The mentor was not dressed in any armor and instead wore robes which left him unprotected to any attacks however when Kaius and Tyr descended upon the old man, he blocked nearly every incoming sword swing and dodged those he couldn't. His speed wasn't what you would expect from someone who looked like they were pushing 60 but he managed to place Kaius and Tyr on their asses several times. Tyr sat up and slashed his sword forward, the attack only grazing the shield as he attacked again and again. He kicked the shield which forced the mentor back as he soon protected himself from an underhanded attack to his back by Kaius. This left him open to an attack from Tyr who took advantage and swung his sword at the old man. He ducked just in time and quickly jabbed Tyr in the armpit, the one place he knew the armor didn't protect. Tyr's entire arm felt as if it was going numb and the old man kicked away his sword before before kicking Tyr back and sweeping his leg at Kaius' feet who vaulted over the old man's shield and carried his friend back up. The old man laughed as the both of them prepared themselves for another battle, not willing to give up just yet.

Their mentor smiled smugly as Kaius rushed at the man, his sword striking with swift precision even though every possible attack did nothing but tap metal as each one was blocked. Tyr ran in and jumped over his friend, letting out a ferocious warriors cry as he landed on the old man's shield and forced him to the ground under his weight. The mentor was stunned but not for long as he rolled backwards and set himself back on his feet before being assaulted by Kaius and Tyr at the same time. The both of them were relentless in their attacks and were working together so flawlessly it was as if they were one person. The old man pushed them back before lunging forward and punching Kaius then turning to backhand Tyr with the shield. He soon moved to punch Tyr with the shield edge but Kaius stepped in and shoved the old man aside. Tyr vaulted over his friends back and swung the sword at the old man who dodged out of the way and rushed forward, pushing both Tyr and Kaius back. The old man no longer played passively and moved on to full on offense as he soon struck Tyr's hand with the edge of the shield and jabbed at Kaius with the shield, forcing him to the ground. He quickly got up and grabbed Tyr's fallen sword before spinning like a cyclone at the old man, each attack only hitting the shield before Kaius swung his leg at the man's feet. This maneuver failed at the old man jumped over Kaius' leg and forced him back with the shield before grabbing him by the collar of his armor and throwing him into Tyr, the both of them sent crashing to the ground.

They were both exhausted. Tyr pushed his friend off of him and sat up.

"That doesn't prove anything. You taught us. Of course you would be a better fighter than us."

"The two of you together nearly brought me down several times during that fight. Your attack patterns are far too easy to counter. Today I have learned much about you two. I have trained you since you were children and today showed me something important... you both depend on each other too much." He pointed at Kaius. "You are very passive and defensive. You attack only to set up Tyr and when he fails you go and protect him, foregoing your own safety for his. It is admirable to want to protect your friend and it is always good to play defense, but such a thing can only work for so long. Should your defenses fall, what will you do then?"

"I will fight."

"And you will lose. To be blunt, Young prince, your offensive game is lackluster. If you wish you be king, you must be a perfect balance of sword and shield. Being exclusively one or the other spells disaster for the city."

"This city is already a disaster if you ask me." Tyr mumbled.

"Nobody asked you! And speaking of you mister Highlander," he pointed at the boy. "You need to work on your defense. Your strikes are strong, I’ll give you that, but that is not nearly enough. You never protect yourself in battle. A terribly unwise tactic.”

“My plan is always to bring my opponent down before they can bring me down.”

“And it makes you terribly predictable.” Tyr sighed. “Anyone with half a brain will know that evasion is the best course of action and defense is the next best thing when fighting you. You will see soon enough, child. Just you wait.” The old man removed his shield and placed it next to Kaius. "But that will be all for today. The both of you go rest up and we'll continue tomorrow." Kaius and Tyr groaned and simply collapsed onto the floor from exhaustion. Their mentor laughed. He dusted himself off before catching eye of the Queen as she walked over from the palace to greet them.

"Queen Elan. Always a pleasure to see you." Kaius sat up and was surprised to see his mother who kneeled by him and hugged him.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" She smiled.

"I came to see you for a bit before I left."

"She's leaving?" Tyr asked.

"She said she was going over to her sister’s house in Ravens Borough."

"She's going all the way over there? Isn't that a bit... dangerous?"

"Tyr is right," said the old man. "It is awfully dangerous to leave the boundaries of the city. And with little protection at that. The King can't exactly give many guards."

"Three is enough for me and I am sure I will be fine. We will draw as little attention as we can. I won't be dressing in my fancy royal robes and we won't be traveling by horse."

"Sounds time consuming.”

"Anything to minimize any problems. May be a while before I return," she said rustling Kaius' hair. "But I will return nonetheless. Be safe and make sure your father gets out. Sometimes he can get a little stir crazy staying in that palace all day. Take care of him for me while I'm gone."

"Of course. I was thinking about going to see him anyway." Elan smiled and kissed Kaius' head before saying her goodbyes and leaving for the city gate. Kaius had gotten up and walked to the barracks where he gotten himself dressed in his normal clothes and left to the palace where his father was resting. He spoke with the servants and they each told him that the King wasn't doing much better. Kaius' father had been hit with a strange illness that weakened his lungs and heart. It came in the dead of night and was something no one had ever seen before. The sickness made him look older than he already was, pushing his age up to nearly 80 despite being 57. He had a terrible cough, each one sounding worse than the last and one time he said he felt like his heart had stopped. The only thing that seemed to keep it at bay was moving around but that was getting harder and harder to do. Kaius poked his head into the room. He saw his father on his back and almost asleep before he opened his eyes and saw his son. A smile crawled across his face.

"Kaius..." was all he could muster. The young prince walked up to his father and sat by his bedside. The King groaned as he sat himself up, his son saying he didn't have to but he nonetheless did. King Kaius looked... ech. He was not a person you could stand to look at for long. His nails had grown to the length of swords, thick and yellow and his hair was like a crow’s nest. Worse. It was like a polar bear was permanently glued to his head. The length of his hair reached down to his feet and covered his face and every time he exhaled, the hair in his face blew out of the way for a second before resting back in front of his mouth. His skin had more wrinkles than the oldest tree had rings on its trunk. His face was so wrinkled that his eyes stayed shut even when he tried his hardest to open them. Even if he could open them he would get nothing but a view of his grey hair. His bones felt softer than wet paper and nearly every move he made hurt him, but he didn't dare look so weak in front of his subjects.

"How was training today?" The King asked, his voice sounding as if it was being dragged against sandpaper.

"It went well. Ha. The old man taught us that using a shield is just as important as using the sword. He kicked our asses but Tyr thinks he just got lucky." The king laughed before coughing.

"I bet he did," he said before coughing again. "Your mother said she knew you would like him. I remember going toe to toe with him myself just to test his skills. He blocked every single damn attack I could toss out. His game has always been outlasting an opponent rather than over power them. Ha ha ha. I've only managed to beat him once and never again after that." Kaius leaned in.

"How'd you do it? Ya never know when that information might be useful." The King chuckled.

"Nice try. It'll never work out. Ilor is very good at adapting to the situation. Should you strike him once, he switches his style in a way so that makes it so you never tag him like that ever again." The King coughed. “I would give anything for a skill like that.” He spoke with a very tired voice. One weighed down by past mistakes and wasted time, hated memories and pitiful actions. "I wonder everyday what I could have accomplished if I had that..." Kaius bumped his fist with his dad’s hand.

"Careful there. Soon you'll start to sound like an old man." The King laughed then started to cough again.

"You're-you're right. Sorry." Kaius smiled.

"Ma is gone ya know."

"Yeah. Yeah she came and told me before she left. I gave her the best guards I could spare."

"Well while she's gone, she told me to make sure that you get up and move around. Can't have ya laying in this bed the entire time." The King groaned but still had a smile on his face.

"I'll be fine."

"Ah ah ah. I ain't taking no for an answer. Come on. Let's get you movin." Kaius helps his father climb out of bed and did his best to hold him up. They both took a few steps before the King began to walk alone, each step making him wince in pain.

"Fuck, it’s like walking on nails."

"You need a cane or something?"

"No! No," he said nearly falling over. He clenched his fists and his breathing accelerated. "If I get one of those, I'll be relying on it my entire life. Or what's left of it..."

"Stop talking like that."

"Kaius, my boy, I think it's time we face facts." He coughed violently. "There's nothing that can be done. I'm not gonna be around for much longer."


"It's true and we both know it." He leaned against the wall for a bit before standing on his own for a moment. "I don't know how long I have left, but I need... I need you to be prepared for the day I won't wake up. We both know it's coming."

"Unless we find a cure before it's too late." The King grabbed his sons arm and made him look at him. He pushed the hair out of his eyes to reveal blood red eyes, the veins in them almost pulsating with either anger or just from the sickness. It was almost sickening to look at but Kaius forced himself to meet his father’s gaze.

"Boy, stop this." Even in his current state, the King sounded ready to tear a man's head off. "There is no curing me. There is no saving me. There is nothing that can be done. And even if by some grace of Zara I was cured tomorrow, I am very old. Too old to lead these people. They need a young face. A fresh face. And I am neither of those." Prince Kaius tried to reply before his father silenced him. "I don't want to hear it!" He let go of his son. "That is all that can and will be said of this issue." Prince Kaius sighed.

"I fear you're being closed minded, father." King Kaius laughed.

"You sound just like your mother."

"Well someone's gotta." They both laughed as they finally reached the backdoor to the palace and when the opened it, they saw the beautiful blooming garden that grew right behind the palace. It was a truly beautiful sight. Roses and daffodils, sunflowers and lavender lilies, daisies and orchids and especially lotus'. The garden was truly the only attractive thing in Blackwood. It took work to make this. A lot of work. And it took even more to keep it this perfect. Both Kaius’ walked through the forest and simply took in the atmosphere. King Kaius stood as still as stone, feeling the slight breeze blow against his skin.

“Kaius...” said the smiling King.


“I want you to know something.” Prince Kaius looked at his father. “If you are to succeed, you need to have allies. Friends. Brothers and sisters in arms. Even if it’s just one. Someone is better than none at all.” The prince stood next to his father and looked out over the garden.

“Who were your friends?” The King laughed.

“Until I met your mother, none. Not a lot of people wanted to be associated with the ‘King of the Dead’.” He spat out the last few words, the memories of this dad past crawling up his spine like a spider and worming their way into his head again. After all the years he still hated that name.

“Not gonna lie dad… that name sounds kinda cool.” The King smiled even though deep down he still felt grief. He looked at his son and patted his shoulder.

“If only you knew how I got that title. Wouldn’t be too cool then.” The King turned away. "Well let's continue the walk shall we. I can feel my bones tightening just standing here." He started to shuffle away while Prince Kaius remained just a bit longer to take in the tranquility of the garden. It was... quiet.


Elan felt uncomfortable in her rags. She wasn't used to wearing anything that wasn't her royal robes but she realized that safety was the biggest issue in this country. She needed to look as inconspicuous as possible. The three guards with her wore similar rags but held swords under them just in case any issues arose. The road from Blackwood to the minor village of Ravens Borough was clear cut but went through the dangerous and immensely dense forest that remained between them. It was the only way into and out of Blackwood thought and with all of the craziness that surrounds the country with everyone fighting everyone, she needed to be sure if her sister was okay. She had sent several messengers but none returned. You may be wondering why she would choose to go herself since the messengers didn't make it. They wore the traditional royal messengers garb which made them stand out as clearly important characters. No other person would be the messenger after the first two disappeared so Elan had to go herself. They had to get by several thieves and thugs that just leeched off of the territory and its people. All seemed well so far.

"My Queen, I'm not sure this was the best course of action to take."

"And what, pray tell, would you say is the best?" The guard didn't respond. "If I can't get someone to do something for me, then I'm going to have to do it myself."

"But Queen Elan-"

"When I need your opinion, I’ll ask for it." This silenced him quickly while Elan began to mumble herself, thinking critically on what the guard said. Perhaps... he was correct. Maybe they should head back. She would have thought more about it before part of her rags got caught on a tree branch and soon ripped when she pulled it, revealing more of her upper leg than she wanted.

"Agh! Dammit!"

"At least we may fit in more with the peasantry." Elan wanted to curse at him but he spoke truth so she bit her tongue and continued onward. The forest looked as if it was a rotting corpse. It looked grotesque and the trees were an unhealthy grey. It was as if all of time in the forest was frozen as birds were heard flying but none were seen, bushes rustled and owls hooted but, again, nothing was ever seen. There were times where eyes could be seen but you could blink and whatever was there was gone. The roots of the trees didn't dig into the ground but rather they stuck out of the ground and attached themselves to the bushes and you could actually see them moving. They pulsated, like ones neck does when gulping down gallons of water. They sapped the life from the surrounding shrubbery like a vampire would. The air was dead, like smoke coveted the face and lungs of the occupants. It was impossible to get through without feeling as if your lungs were going to ignite. But the most noticeable thing had to be the sun. It was nonexistent. The grey leaves blotted out the sun perfectly and gave a permanently cold atmosphere as well as giving the impression that it was midnight. Add this forest to the list of reasons why no one likes to come to Blackwood.

Fits of coughing littered through the four travelers as they soon began to run through the smoke filled forest. They couldn't keep their eyes open long enough to see where they were going as they kept tripping on the way towards the exit. Their senses betrayed them as the trees groaned as if someone was being stabbed, leaves and bushes rustled and crows were heard cawing.

"Keep running! Don't stop for anything!" Elan shouted though whether the guards could hear her was questionable. When they finally burst out of the forest their rags now covered in soot, they noticed that one of them was gone. Three guards dropped to two.

"Where is Alix?"

"Last I saw him he was right behind us."

"You left him behind?" Shouted one of the guards.

"I didn't see you stop to help him!"

"If I had known I would have!"

"Fucking liar! You would have left him to suffer without a second thought!"

"Hey!" Elan exclaimed. "Both of you shut up! What could have been done is irrelevant. Alix is gone. What matters most is that we made it through the forest." She looked forward and saw the minor village of Raven's Borough. She gave an exhausted sigh and walked towards the village. The two guards looked at each other.

"Shouldn't we go back to try and rescue Alix?"

"You wanna go back in there?" They both looked at the grey and smoking forest and one of them swore that he heard a voice calling them back in. But it was far from a cry for help. It was something much more bone chilling. They both shuddered and agreed that going back in was a stupid idea. If Alix was still in there, he would be dead soon. Cruel to say but there is no sugar coating it. They both chased after the Queen, remaining by her side in a way that was still escorting her but also sticking to her side for protection.

Raven’s Borough wasn’t at all like Blackwood. The plant life was green blooming, vibrant and singing. That’s not metaphor either. If you got close enough to the plants you could actually hear them singing. They had Roses, Lilies and Lavenders. The roses sung a sonorous low tone that made ones skin crawl with blissful admiration for the intensity of it. The Lilly’s gave a soft soprano that warmed one’s heart while the Lavenders gave off a tenor tone, all of them growing ecstatic when a gardener came and watered them. Elan smiled and wiped some of the dirt off her face before approaching the gardener.

“Olara?” The woman turned around. She was a fairly thin woman, bronze skinned and black haired with braids that went down the length of her back before just ending above her behind. Her pecan colored eyes widened as she saw her fair skinned sibling.

“Sister!” She hugged her tightly, an obvious smile shining off her face like light off of the Ocean. The two of them remained in a tight embrace for a while before Olara guided her sister and her guards into her home. It was nothing special, a simply little brown and white painted hovel that housed a few plants in it to add some color. She had a small pet that walked up and licked her hand, barking cutely. Olara pet the little beast and Elan gave a small gasp of shock. The pet acted like a simple pet dog but looked nothing of the sort. He had bright purple eyes and a coat design that one moment looked green and brown before shifting to pink and blue. It constantly changed, almost looking like a rainbow at times.

"Still living in this small hut are you?" Elan quipped while Olara brought a small glass of herbal teas over to her sister and even made some for the guards who thanked her.

"Queen Elan and her sister look nothing alike." Whispered one of them.

"Perhaps they are not really sisters."

"Maybe the queen is adopted."

"Maybe her sister is adopted."

"Maybe you two need to speak quieter," said the Queen sternly. Olara smiled at the guards who cleared their throats and sipped from the glasses nonchalantly.

"To answer your question before, not everyone can afford to live in a castle, Ms. Queen." The two of them chuckled. "Speaking of the castle, how is everyone? I've heard that things are... falling apart."

"Yeah. Things aren't the best in Blackwood."

"They never seem to be." Olara interrupted.

"The city is practically dead at this point. It's sad to say but there is nothing Kaius and I can do to make the city any better. And no one seems fit to help us. All the land we did have was taken away by bigger and stronger provinces or simply just left us behind since we couldn't really stop them. Remember when this place used to be a part of Blackwood?" Olara smiled as she looked out the window of the house to the dark forests in the distance.

"I remember that clearly. The city seemed... really shitty." She laughed and Elan punched her arm. "I'm sorry but Blackwood's poor status was just seeping over. Like a sickness. Everything connected to that poor place was like a wounded dog. Just put it to sleep. Save it from the misery." Olara’s dog whined and backed away before being pet on the head. “Not you boyo! You’re too perfect.” Elan was working together and argument in her head but I just wasn’t easy to debate what her sister said.

"But enough about that bull. I haven't seen you in years. How's baby Kaius?" Olara asked taking a sip from her tea glass. Elan breathed in then out.

"Not a baby anymore. He's much older."

"Really? I haven’t seen him since he was 2. Is he... I mean with the city all old and whatnot is gonna be possible for him to still gonna be King?" Elan closed her eyes and took a drink from her glass again before sighing. She didn't know how to answer. She didn't want to answer because she didn't like to say it. But...

"He might not be for long." There was a silence. The guards had even started to listen.

"What do you mean?"

"There has to be a total of maybe... 300 people left in the city? Not nearly enough people to make an army of and more and more are trying to leave. Kaius and the people there might have to dissolve the place and move everyone to a safer district." Olara frowned.

"He's not gonna like that."

"Prolonging suffering is wildly unfair to his subjects."

“I wouldn’t say they’re suffering,” Olara began. “Just not happy.” Elan took a sip from her glass before a scream was heard outside. Everyone in the room froze before one of the guards went to the window and looked outside. Immediately an arrow flew through the open curtains and stuck the guard right in the eye. He fell to the ground quickly, already dead before hitting the ground and once he did, his comrade and Olara screamed. The guard calmed himself and ran to the window, not opening it but holding his sword and telling the queen and her sister to hide. Elan flipped the table over and used it for cover and pulled her sister and her dog behind it. The guard grabbed his fallen partners sword and soon the room was infiltrated by a Feraci, Fox like in appearance dressed in tribal rags and clothing. He held a long spear and had white face paint on, his face scrunched up into s snarling position as he burst into the room. He turned around and saw the guard with his back against the wall and lunged his spear forward. The guard dodged it and swung one of his sword at the spear, slicing it in half and then swung his other sword at the Feraci who ducked under the attack and swept his leg at the guards feet.

From behind the table, Olara’s dog growled and his fur pattern changed red as he ran forward and bit the Feraci’s tail. The fox screamed and tried to pull his tail away before being stabbed through the stomach by the guard. He had a look of shock on his face before he fell to the ground with a heavy thud. The dog wagged it’s tails and panted happily.

“Good boy. My Queen! We must go! Now!” The guard shouted. Elan got up and brought her sister and her dog with them as they left the house and began make a break for the stables. Surely there were horses or something to get them out of the city. As they ran through the village, the houses soon began to ignite and smoke crossed over the sky, the fires soon touching the grass and burning just about anything and everything nearby. One of the Feraci attackers had thrown their spear an the guard which stabbed through his leg and brought him to his knees. Elan turned around to help him before she was grabbed by another Feraci. The two of them wrestled for dominance but he was coming out on top quite easily. He was so close. So aggressively close to her that she could feel his breath. It smelled of rotten meat and musky air. It made her feel unclean and made her skin crawl. She fought as hard as she could to shake him off before kneeing him in the stomach and then biting his neck. When he backed away in pain, she grabbed the sword and held it high before crashing it down with all her might directly onto his skull, cracking it open like an egg. The blood splattered across her clothes and her face and she screamed in emotional turmoil. She let go of the sword and did her best to gather herself while Olara went to the guards side and pulled the spear out of his leg.

The guard wasn’t doing too well as when Olara held him up, he couldn’t put much pressure on his leg and relied on her to hold him. But she was nowhere near strong enough to hold him up. Especially with all that armor adding to the weight.

"Elan! I need help over here!" she screamed to her sister but she was lost in her own world. Elan was freaking out as she teetered back and forth, her legs uneasy and her eyes shifting around the burning landscape. Her heart felt as if it was going to leap out of chest and the blood on her face almost burned. She began to shiver violently as if she were left in the middle of a snow storm.

"Elan! Snap out of it!" Olara shouted but to no avail. It wasn’t safe out here. She commanded her dog to wake her up and he ran up to her bit her legs lightly. Elan jumped and kicked the dog who whimpered loudly and scurried away from her. It was then Elan snapped out of her trance and apologized.

“Feel sorry later! We have to go! Help me get him up!" Elan quickly pet the dog she had hurt, to which he yipped happily, before she helped Olara carry the guard to stables. When they got there however, the stables were already set ablaze with the horses inside it burning alive, their helpless neighs echoed to the skies, the smell of burning flesh and horse meat corrupting the already sickening air. With their only way out now going up in smoke, the three of them were at a loss of what to do. With the smoke getting more and more thick, there only solution was to simply run. Run as fast as their legs could carry them out of the burning village, sadly having to ignore the cries for help they heard and simply escape the city boundaries. When they escaped, the guard was barely hanging on by a thread, so they slowed down and lay him on the ground.

They were on a path that would eventually lead them to the province of Tynesire. It was spacious with nothing but grassy plains along the path. Suddenly they all heard Olara’s pet release a powerful scream as he fell over onto his side unmoving, an arrow sticking out of his stomach.

“Kyne!” Olara shouted before being struck in the chest by another arrow. Elan looked behind her but didn’t even get to see her assailants before an arrow struck her in the eye. She felt her entire body go cold in less than a second as she hit the floor with weightless care. It was so sudden she didn’t even feel the impact.


"Prince Kaius!" Said one of the palace servants. "Please wake up!" Kaius sat up and wiped his eyes clean before looking at the servant, their eyes red with tears and clutching his hand.

"What? What is it? What happened?"

"It’s your father! He’s not waking up!" Kaius’ eyes widened and he jumped up from his bed and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. He burst into his father’s room and simply saw him lying there, eyes closed and in a sleeping position. He ran over and nudged his father.

"Dad? Dad wake up." He kept shaking him and began to do so more vigorously. "Dad! Dad!" He kept shouting. But he would not wake. Kaius leaned his ear closer to his father’s mouth, hopefully to hear his breathing but there was again nothing. Prince Kaius could do nothing but cry. Cry tears for the man who raised him, the man who gave him guidance, loved him only the way a Father could and always made time for him even in his later hours of life. Kaius... he simply held his father’s unmoving hand and cried. An indescribable amount of despair came over his heart, so much so he thought he might die himself. Kaius cried until the coming of the sun where he was finally approached by the palace servants and ushered to bury his father. He refused and instead asked for his cremation to which they agreed to. The day was quiet. Kaius didn’t say an entire word the whole time. They were prepared to start when, just before the funeral rites began, a child came running in shouting "The Queen! The Queen! King Kaius we have found the Queen!” The boy was accompanied by two civilians carrying a carpet who lay it down by Kaius and opened it, revealing the bloodied, scarred and bruised body of his mother. He nearly vomited. He could barely look at her. One glance was all he needed before he ordered her to lay next to his father and the cremation began. He could almost hear their voices as they lay in the fire. It messed with his mind. But he dared not leave.

Long after everything was done, Kaius returned to the palace and simply sat on the throne. He approached by his friend Tyr who simply walked up and knelt. Kaius sighed.

"I know this isn’t the best time to say this but... the city needs you, Kaius."

"I know,” he said grimly. He had so much circling in his head that he didn’t know what else to say. He was surprised that he was able to get that out.

“This province is a shit show.”

“No argument there.” Tyr mumbled.

“We struggle to protect our own kind. People grow sick, others are killed... this city is on the verge of collapsing onto itself.”

“So what are we gonna do?”

“Well what would you do?”

“I’m not the King, Kaius.”

“No but you are the King’s best friend and I value your opinion.” Tyr smiled slightly and thought for a bit.

“I don’t know what you could do Kaius. I would personally talk to the people. Tell them the truth. If they stay, they stay. If they don’t, maybe the city truly is a lost cause.” Kaius sighed and thought for a bit. A long bit.

“Gather the citizens. I have a speech to give.” Tyr nodded and walked out of the palace to gather as many of the people he possibly could and brought them to Kaius who took off his crown. Kaius didn’t know what to do to help the people of Blackwood. And he told them this. He was willing to sell the land off. And he told them this. But lastly he knew that there were some people who could not stay in the city longer. And he offered them the choice to leave. Some took it and left on the spot while other remained. Blackwood wasn’t much but it was their home. They were staying until the absolute end, King or no King. Kaius could only smile. He dismissed them and then called for all the guards.

"I need all of you to defend this city with your life. Tyr and I are leaving for a bit."

“We are?" Tyr asked.

"Yes we are. I need to see someone special who I think can help us."

"We will do all we can. But do return soon my King. I am unsure if the people will like hearing the fact that their King is gone so quickly after getting the crown." said one of the guards.

"I will try and return as fast as I can. But if we are going to make it, we need help. Come on." He said as he began walk with his friend to the southernmost part of the cities boundaries. It wasn’t a place that a lot of Merians went. In fact it wasn’t a place any of the Merians went. Technically speaking, Blackwood once belonged to the Weichan until it was taken during a rather brutal war that ended with the Merian’s taking the city. Stories say that the head God of the Weichan religion cursed the land so that it would forever have difficulty growing any food or supplying any clean water. Merians are stubborn though which is why they still haven’t left.

They came up to a massive cave that seemed almost completely dark and empty. Vines dropped over the entrance and made it even more difficult to ascertain.

“King Kaius!” Cried a woman’s voice from in the cave. She walked out completely clad in a wonderful red gown that when seen right in the light that came from the cave made the clothing see through, revealing her practically naked body to the two men in front of her.

“I was wondering when you would come to my precious hovel. Welcome to Red Witches Hold. Do come in. It’s nice and warm.” She said turning away. Tyr looked at his friend with pursed lips but Kaius simply smiled and walked in.

“Make yourself comfortable however you please. Linen! Fix something up for them please!” She said as her shadow crawled from underneath her and began to fix food. The shadow itself still crawled over the environment like a shadow would. It didn’t really have a touchable body but you could still see various pots and ingredients moved around by this shadow even though it looked like nothing was really touching them. Kaius was impressed while Tyr was disgusted.

“So what brings you here. How are you?” She sat down in a nearby chair and then motioned a chair closer to Kaius who sat down smiling. Tyr refused to sit and simply stood there, arms crossed and looking down on the scarlet sorceress. She said nothing to him and instead kept her attention on Kaius.

“We have an issue in Blackwood.”

“I bet,” she said smiling. Linen had come and provided Kaius with a drink of Mex, a powerful alcohol in Meria that he refused outright.

“Thank you but I don’t drink.”

“It’s common courtesy to accept the beverage provided by houseguests.”

“I’m not a very courteous person these days.” She smiled at him.

“You’re a terrible liar.” He smiled back. “So again I ask why are you here?” Kaius leaned forward.

“I need your help.”

“Ooooh,” She said beginning to laugh.

“To be more specific, I need your magic.”

“And what for pray tell?”

“My city needs supplies. Food, weapons, and clothes but the only way to do it is to take it.” Tyr and Seidr looked shocked while Kaius sat back in his chair. “The other tribes aren’t something to scoff at. Some even banded together and became full fledged cities. We can’t contend with that. However we do have something that they don’t. Magic.” Kaius smiled and Seidr looked at him with a raised brow.

“You... want magic on your side?”


“Kaius-“ Tyr was cut off before he could say anything.

“So I’m willing to make a deal. Work with me and help me conquer the other tribes and I will grant you one request no matter what it is.” Seidr looked shocked. And Tyr was the exact same. He looked about ready to slap the back of Kaius’ head. Feeling the heat of his friends gaze, Kaius stood from his chair and excused himself.

“Think it over and I’ll be back in just a moment.” Kaius and Tyr walked out of the cave and into the surrounding woods, just out of earshot of the scarlet sorceress.

“Are you out of your mind?” Tyr was absolutely livid.

“I feel fine.”

“Making a deal with a mage is damn near suicide Kaius.”

“When was the last time you spoke with a mage?”

“They have oppressed us for years! Magic has been the enemy of our people for generations.”

“And I am going to use the very thing we have despised and ostracized for years to help me gain power and fix my home!” Tyr sighed. “I understand your fear. I’m scared too. But we can’t fight people with in our pathetic state of power. We need to even the playing field and the best way to do it is to cheat the rules a little bit.”

“I’m still not happy with it,” Tyr said as he crossed his arms.

“Good. I need someone I can trust to keep an eye on her. Mages are tricksy. We’ve heard the stories and read the books. We need her on our side. Kaius looked back at the cave and saw Seidr begin to walk out. “No matter the risk.” Tyr grit his teeth looking at the woman but held his tongue and nodded in agreement nonetheless. Seidr invited them back in and her and Kaius discussed specifics.

“I’m willing to help you... but we need to lay down some rules. Just so I have an idea as to what you need from me and what I can do.”

“I am the King of Blackwood. That means you follow what I say without question. If I ask you to do something, you do it. If Tyr asks you to do something, you do it.” Seidr looked at Tyr who angrily tutted air out of his nose.

“If he asks me to do something stupid, I’m not doing it,” she said simply.

“If you have a problem with his commands, talk to me and I’ll bring forth a compromise.” She agreed to that. “You are to teach magic to people you think would benefit from it and people I choose. Which includes myself.” Tyr glanced at his friend but kept his mouth shut. Seidr smiled.

“Ooooh. Interested in Magic are we? Ha ha ha ha! Alright. I can teach you a few spells. Not gonna be easy though.”

“I don’t care.”

“You wanna learn some spells too Tyr?”

“As if,” he scoffed.

“What a shame. You’d make a handsome wizard.” She gave a coy smile and turned her attention back to Kaius. “I want to be treated like a full member of the city. Any discrimination of any kind needs to be dealt with.”

“Please. In our hell hole, they’ll worship you like royalty. We’ve always had an admiration for magic. Well... all minus my Father,” Kaius said softly. Seidr leaned forward.

“How is daddy Kaius by the way? Ain’t heard from him in a while.”

“He’s dead.” Her eyes widened and she leaned back into her chair.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Kaius still mourned the loss of his father and remembered when his dad told him to never play with magic. But this was for the good of his home. For his people. Warnings be damned. He needed Seidr.

“Back to the matter at hand. No magical testing on civilians. I don’t know what the hell you mages do but keep the mind controlling spells or other enslavement nonsense out of the city boundaries.”

“Then where am I supposed to find these subjects?”

“Prisoners of war are yours to do as you please.” She smiled at this. “Tyr gets first pick though.” She frowned. “No messing with the dead, it’s against our religion, no diseases, sicknesses or plagues, and if you need ingredients for something, tell one of the guards or servants and they will get it for you.”

“Don’t trust me to find my own ingredients?”

“More like I care too much to lose you.” Seidr smiled.

“Oh Kaius. So kind of you.” she took a sip of her drink and looked over Tyr who refused to meet her eye.

“Do we have a deal?” He asked holding out his hand. She stuck out her tongue and shook his hand.

“I believe we do.” She looked ecstatic to be a part of this little mission Kaius was undergoing.

“Should I come over now or you wanna let your little band of poor people know first?” Kaius smirked at her.

“I would prefer now. The sooner, the better after all.” She stood up and called her shadow back to its place under her feet.

“Well then let’s get to work.” Kaius and Tyr waited outside of the cave while she gathered all of her things, the two of them debating about where she would stay since she was moving into the city. Tyr chastised Kaius for seemingly going about things without thinking but Kaius patted his friends shoulder and simply told him to trust him. Seidr walked out with a small pack filled with everything she would need from her home and was dressed in a much less revealing red robe with a hood covering her head. Her eyes shined a glorious amber and she looked at Kaius with a kind hearted smile on her face.

“Lead the way, my King.”
Chronicles of Alvarys: Kaius Silverblade Chapter 2
Ah man I love fantasy. Back with Kaius again and his journey. Getting some new allies, making some rules, and thus Kaius' story continues. Hope all who read this enjoy!
It was a simple night like it always was. The sky was clear, not a cloud anywhere to be found and the moon bigger than it had ever been. There was an air of mysticism that you could almost feel but it was just illusive enough to evade feeling. This suit was very stuffy. I felt every part of me sweat profusely but then again that may have just been because of nervousness. I was scared out of my mind. Was my breath good? Did I smell good? Was there something in my teeth? Should I take my glasses off? Should I leave them on? Is the flower too much? Should I have gotten a corsage instead? Do I look weird? Is the suit too big for me? This feels too big for me. Ah the sweating is getting worse! My friend patted me on the shoulder and gave me a grin. It calmed me more than I thought it would. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and walked with me inside, laughing vibrantly. He was clearly excited. The school dance was something he wouldn’t shut up about all week. We walk inside and the room is wonderfully darkened with brief strobes of light coming from the ceiling, people all standing around and talking to each other with light music playing in the background. The DJ there had on glasses and headphones and looked very into his music. Everyone completely crowded the area, but it still looked like there was plenty of room for more to join the dance floor. My friend walked me through the crowd and when we reached the center of the floor, there she was. She simply stood there in the spotlight, hands clasped together and looking around. She waited there for me. The most beautiful girl in school was waiting for me. The curls in her hair looked so perfect and her bronze skin looked so smooth, her eyes so beautiful and the look on her face one of worry. I kept her waiting! How could I-

“Go and talk to her numbskull.” My friend pushed me forward and I burst through the crowd and met face to face with her. Her lips curved into a smile and so did mine as I presented my flower, my hand shaking like I had been struck by lightning. She touched the flower... then touched my hand and held it tightly. Her hand was so soft. I wasn’t shaking after that. She looked up at me and put the small flower in her hair. I didn’t know what to say about how beautiful she looked so I just stood there like an idiot with that stupid smile on my face. She laughed and thanked me. The DJ stopped the current song and then switched it to something... peppy. Something light and gentle but also kinda ghostly. It gave a musical essence that I simply could not put into words. Mostly because all my attention had soon transitioned to her... she was the essence of perfection in my eyes. The single most important thing in my world. The lights of the place dimmed into the lightest of shades and a thin fog had layered itself over the floor. Everything had a spectacular look to it, like it was there but only barely so. She looked me in the eyes and came closer to me. She grabbed my hands she placed them on her hips before wrapping her arms around my neck. Standard dancing position. Things were slow, a soft swaying side to side until she rested her head on my chest. I was nervous she might hear how fast my heart was beating but after a while... I just didn’t care. She was all I could see. All I could feel. All I cared for and everything that was fantastic about the world to me. That may sound like the lamest thing ever but shut up and let me have my moment okay?

When the song finished she kept her head on my chest and didn’t move at all, the both of us still swaying to the tune of a polyphony that wasn’t even playing. I heard her humming the song in her angelic voice and that was all I needed, her voice never missing a beat and the two of us never pulling away. When she stopped, she looked up at me with those perfect eyes and whispered something that I couldn’t hear. I asked her to repeat but she simply smiled. I was confused until she closed her eyes, puckered her lips and leaned in. I instantly got the picture. I had never done this though. This was my first. How do you kiss someone? What if I do it wrong? What if-No. no. I’m not talking myself out of this one. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes and, with my hands still on her hips, pulled her in close. I could feel her breath was as rushed as my own, her chest rising and falling like she was hyperventilating. It made me feel a bit calmer cause she was nervous too, but it also made me even more nervous. My heart was pounding against my chest like it wanted to break out of some cage, but I steeled my nerves and leaned in closer. Almost there…

Beep beep beep beep

Hmm? What? No! Aww man it was a dream? Noooo! It felt so real! Agh! I groaned in my bed and grabbed at the pillow beneath my head, tossing it across the room. I don’t wanna get up. I just feel so defeated. Like… The girl I had been thinking about asking out for months now my mind decided to play a stupid little trick on me and give me a dream of something I never had the nerve to do. That’s so not-


Oh. My phone. I sat up out of bed and looked at it and saw that it was… Wait… I know this number...

“Hey! I know it’s early but I just wanted to say thanks for last night. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too. Just a thought but I think it would be cool if we hung out at lunch or something, ya know? Talk a bit. If you have time of course. See you at school!”

Last night? What happened last - wait… that dream wasn’t just a dream was it?
Digital Love
Another story inspired by listening to a specific song and writing what comes to mind, similar to Seattle. In this case it was Daft Punk's Digital Love. I love that song so much and just thought this was a nice little story to write about it. I am pretty proud of this story. Hope all who read it enjoy!
Class hadn’t started yet. The teacher simply sat in his chair and glared at his computer screen with eyes of hunger before he turned to me. I think. I felt like everyone was staring at me. They just kept their eyes glued to my mask and gave a hollow grin, their eyes scrunching up ever so slightly when one does as they smile. It stabbed my very core like nothing before. My friend Skull looked at me and nudged me, bellowing a chuckle that sounded like a bear scarfing down food. I chuckled with him, like a lion cub trying to roar. The class began, and the teacher fixed his mask before beginning the lesson. I could hear my friend whispering with his other friends, Wolf, Snake and Raccoon. “Where is she?” “Do you think she’ll show?” “You said she would be here.” was most of what I heard before Skull assured them that she was on her way. He then leaned over to me and whispered, “You did it right?” Just then the door burst open and the winter snow flew in with a girl walking in quick as a fire in dry wood, rushing to her seat with her head held low, the snow from her jacket falling like an avalanche off her clothes and her shoes squeaking against the hard floor. She sat down, head still low, and her hood covering her face, looking like the grim reaper, almost embarrassed to exist. Scared to look at you. Scared to look at herself. The teacher said nothing and resumed class before the boy next to her took in a gasp of air. “Crow forgot her mask!” he shouted, standing tall like a flamenco bird and pointing at the girl who lowered her head further. The boy pulled the hood off her and she screamed, her face had been revealed, beautiful tanned skin, the color of the greatest bronze, long black curly hair with white lilies woven in and the cutest freckles you ever did see. The best thing about her had to be her eyes. Her big as the tree, green as grass, luminescent eyes. And she wept. “Ms. Crow, leave my classroom now. You can come back when you find something to cover that face of yours.” “Preferably a paper bag” shouted Skull as the rest of the class laughed. Her eyes filled with water and streamed down like an endless river as she picked herself up and ran as fast as her legs would allow her. She didn’t even gather her things. Skull nudged me, and I laughed with him, my voice drowned out by the storm of chortles that consumed the class. But then again it wasn’t that loud to begin with. When it was over and people were leaving, Skull patted my head like a dog and told me “Good job little buddy.” I felt my body shake like an earthquake hearing those words, and as I met his gaze, a look of malice and disdain and just straight up ugliness was staring back at me. Then again… He always looked like that. “T-thanks.” Was all I could muster. He slapped my back and laughed before leaving me behind to shove all my folders and papers into my backpack, trying desperately to hide the Crow mask nestled inside.
Something To Hide
Last year near the end I took a poetry class to help me with my writing. It did help even though it was difficult to work through but it was ridiculously fun and I miss every second of it. I wrote some... admittedly strange poems and stories in the class and this was one of them. We had to come up a short prose poem that was only a page long. I love prose but I suck at making short prose. This was the final product. I made just a bit of tweaking but overall it is all as it was the day I turned it in. This was what my mind came up with. Sorry if this is bad! Hope all who read it enjoy!

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In the heart of Meria near the ruins of Portumel was a small city that was always populated by others from across the country. It was a popular place not for worship or food or trade or anything like that, but rather... stories. A man named Hesuviius - or “The Storyteller” to many children - was popular around these parts as he explained many myths and stories of Meria’s history in such an interesting way that was almost aphrodisiac.

“Hesuviius! Tell us the story about how man was made!” Said one of the listeners.

“No no no! Tell us the one about the Gods War!” Said another.

“How about the story of the seasons?”

“Why not... all of them?” Said Hesuvius. Everyone smiled and got comfortable.

“Let’s start with the story of man’s creation.”


High in the plain of Eyluria rested the various Gods of Alvarys. These deities were responsible for the creation of mankind and all that you see on the planet. Or at least they aided in its creation. That is another story. Zara had finished with the recreation of the world after the massive waves and storms nearly destroyed everything and everyone on it. The world was chaotic and without masters. Everything was out of control until Zara and her kin came and placed things back in order. She went to speak with her brother, the coal skinned God of smithing and crafts Tele. Deep in his caverns still in the heavens yet just barely above the mortal realm. His home was almost like a volcano. In fact, many believe it was inside a volcano. The walls had streams of lava pouring down from the roof and there were lakes of fires and the constant sound of banging metals and steaming hot weapons cooled in water. She approached him and snapped her fingers, gaining his attention astonishingly despite the massive noise that echoed in the volcano. He looked at her and took off his face masked and smiled.

“Sister!” He exclaimed and went for a hug, but she stopped him.

“Not with all that dirt on ya brother.” Tele chuckled.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” He asked as he went back to his metal work and bang his hammer down on his piping hot sword.

“I need you to do something for me. Something important. A task greater than any other.” Tele paused, his massive hammer still in the air as he listened to his sister.

“I wish to create a race of beings. A new race of beings. Different than any other.” Tele tool in a deep breath and placed his hammer down.

“You realize this takes a lot of time and energy, right? Not to mention there is no guarantee that they will last forever or obey you. They may rebel. They may fight other races. They may lose and die. They could do a lot that you don’t like. You really wanna take that gamble, Zara?”

“I do,” She said simply. Tele placed his sword down and guided his sister to his room. The room had red curtains dangling from the roof and golden couches and a big gold and red bed in the center of it all. The room was immaculate, designed in the best of ways a person could possibly make them. The things in his room were so beautiful... Tele was a God of crafts, but this wasn’t just swords and armor and whatnot. He made all the furniture and clothing and crowns and whatever other articles of decoration and clothing the Gods needed. In fact, his best work were things made not for war but for luxury and peace.

Tele sat down on his couch, two blocks of clay brought to him by a man of bronze skin, dust and dirt in his beard and dull grey eyes that didn’t move.

“Thank you. So... what is your vision? The people you want to make, what do they look like?” Zara simply stared at the pieces of clay before rolling up her sleeves and going to work. She was extremely focused, not taking her eyes away from them for a second. Hours went by. Days went back. Several weeks went by before she finally finished what she wanted. She had made Man. And then a day later, she made Woman. Tele smiled and patted Zara on the back.

“Perfect. Shall we bring them to life?”

“No no no. These are simply outlines so I have a reference to draw from.” Tele frowned. “Clay is very basic. Everything is made from clay. Remember the stories when we were kids? ‘Man was made from clay and all that’. I want to make these two out of something different...” Tele was unsure what she meant but still aided her anyway. She teleported the both of them away from his smoldering volcano of a home and to a beach. A quiet and peaceful beach with calm green trees up on dry land not far away.

Zara took in a breath and then exhaled. The waves responded to her breath. She did it again and the tide came closer to them again before receding back to its natural place. She took another breath and the tide came closer before retreating, parts of a man coming from underneath the sand, the sea pushing away more and more of the grains of the seashore. She took another breath and exhaled, more of the man coming into view as finally his entire body was revealed to the world. Zara smiled and looked at Tele who smiled back.

“I’m impressed.”

“Thank you,” she said before walking over to her creation. She kneeled by his side, and touched his head. She felt how... cold he was. He was unmoving. Wet. Stale. Like food left out in the open too long. She leaned down and pressed her lips against his ever so gently...

He jolted awake, gasping for air like he just survived drowning in water. He coughed violently before looking out and seeing the seas shift slowly in front of him. The waves tickled his feet as they rubbed against him and he stood on his feet. His walking was a bit... strange but he was only 30 seconds old. He had to adapt to his existence. From afar Zara and Tele watched as her creation wandered into the forested region of what would one day be Meria. As he walked through the land, he was enamored with the beauty he saw. The trees were the greenest of greens, the sky the sweetest blue, the smell of nature almost intoxicating. He ran through the green land and laughed like a child would. Zara, a storm of trickery brewing in her brain, stole some of the animals from Havenwood and brought them to Meria, giving her creation something more to see than just plant life.

She watched him closely and noticed that as time went on, he grew lonely. She saw on his face a look of sadness. So she conjured up a powerful storm, water raining down from the heavens to the earth and forcing her little creation into a cave. He started a fire and then slept nearby, the warmth just barely keeping him alive with how cold and wet the outside was. It rained for three days and three nights before on the fourth day, it just suddenly stopped. The man opened his eyes from his long sleep and turned to see a woman by his side, the fire now puffed out and the woman lying in the ashes. She had her arms wrapped around him and snuggled closer to him as he moved. He was a bit off put by her, but she looked up at him and smiled something beautiful. She was truly amazing to look at. Her dark brown skin, hazel eyes, her long black hair and soft body. He turned to her and felt more connected to her than anything else in existence.

Zara watched them and Tele touched her shoulder.

“Every man needs a woman. Or so I hear,” he said before returning to his home. Zara stayed and watched her creations spend time with each other and share the world together. It warmed her heart...


“That story is always a beautiful one to hear.” Whispered one of the women as she soon had her husband’s arm placed around her. Hesuviius chuckled.

“I remember hearing a different version,” said one of the men listening.

“There are all kinds of telling’s. Some say that all the Gods joined in giving Mankind a portion of themselves. Libraes gifted man thought, Tele taught them how to craft, Zara emotions, Hermionus Kal taught them how to lie, Fali gave them creativity, and many more gave many others. Maybe I’ll tell that variation some other time.” Hesuviius looked at the couple in front of him and smiled.

“Love is a beautiful thing. Can never get tired of it. But one thing you can get tired of is hate, which is a lesson all the Gods had to learn during the early ages of life...”


Years had passed since the creation and reproduction of Mankind and it all ended when they had finally met with their “cousins” so to speak, the Weichan. Zara and Jama had an iffy relationship with one another. As long as the other didn’t bother their creations, they were fine but this was questioned when the Goddess of Love Rheas and her brother Florus made themselves known to the people. They had all kinds of fun in both Innocent and not so innocent ways which led to the birth of witches and wizards, divine magic users and people to be afraid of. The Merians hated them.

Magic was something reserved only for the Gods and for man to learn it was a spit in the face to their masters. They gathered as many magic users as they possibly could and then burned all of them in a massive pyre. Almost all of their kind were gone but there were just two left. The Gods Florus and Rheas. They were hunted down and tied to wooden poles, daring not to fight both because they hated war and because it would give Zara a reason to attack the Weichan. So they remained still and suffered through the burning but when the fire died out, the two of them seemed to increase in beauty, making all present curse in jealousy. They burned them again. Three times the Hihcahm twins were set ablaze and three times they were reborn, each time more flawless and eye catching than before. This ended when they realized fire harmed neither of them and they awkwardly allowed Florus and Rheas to leave.

When they returned home, Jama was furious. Her kin were attacked, violently burned alive and ostracized by a society of fools and imbeciles. She grabbed her staff and commanded her siblings Delias and Frondesa to destroy the crops and food supplies of the Merians which they did without question. The damage was immense. The endless rain flooded every city in the province and the shortage of food left them weak and scrambling for anything they could find. The Merian tribes called for their Gods and they responded immediately, Zara sending Hermionus Kal to steal food from Havenwood and gift it to them before teaching them how to steal without getting caught while commanding Nessaly to move the waters into large lakes or rivers so they wouldn’t drown the cities. This lasted a year before Jama switched things up.

She slammed her staff to the ground and sil became barren, the trees greyed and hollowed and everything just… no longer grew. Frondesa aided her and did her best to turn her ears away from the suffering of other. Foreigners or not, this was pushing things. The Merians knew not what to do so they went to their Gods again and for retaliation, Fali, God of Mischief, went and cut the hair of the Goddess Frondesa. Frondesa was horrified when she awoke the next day and was overcome with so much grief that all of Havenwood suffered. She demanded that Jama end this war and get her hair back, but Jama refused. Frondesa in retaliation refused to aid her in anything pertaining to the war which brought a load of issues as now no one had food. Fali would later take the pieces of Frondesa’s hair and bury them in the heart of the country, A city that would later be named Aethelgyth, the most beautiful city in Alvarys.

Jama was livid. She rallied the Weichan people and told them to attack and slaughter the Merians, attack every city and leave nothing and no one standing. However, this was something the Merians needed no help with. The sought to prove themselves to their Gods and fought back hard, winning almost every altercation that came to their shores and as a true form of fighting back, they conquered the small city of Blackwood which housed the most beautiful garden in the world. Jama would not let this slide and cursed the place with the worst materials the land could produce. The rotting wood, soft stone, and a ghostly forest that separated it from the rest of the country. It was this home that would eventually be the birthplace of King Kaius Silverblade the first. But that’s another story.

The war between the Merians and the Weichan was so intense that their Gods often came into the battles and fought with their subjects. Many lives were lost and when the two races wanted to discuss terms of a peace treaty, Zara and Jama commanded their sides to fight. No peace would be made. No end to this war until the other side was wiped off the face of the planet. So the war continued. Five long years of countless slaughter until people chose to hide from their Gods for fear of being thrown into battle. Florus and Rheas has enough. They went to Eyluria and spoke with Libraes, the Merian God of Wisdom, and asked him to convince Zara to bring an end to this war. He agreed he would without question and the two twins went to Jama. They showed her the intense damage that had come to the Weichan and let her hear the cries in pain and turmoil that even children had to go through. Children had to fight in these wars! What monster would allow this! Jama finally repented and had the Weichan pull out, apologizing to everyone for her terrible ignorance to their hardships

Libraes resorted to simply chastising Zara, scolding her like a parent does their child. Zara spent three days in silence, saying nothing to anyone until on the third day when she told the Merians to stop the war and peace came to the two countries. As a sign of peace, they traded deities, shared family. The Eylurians gave up Ahki the Goddess of the Sun, Mayus the God of the Moon, and Polis the God of Music while Jama gifted them Florus and Rheas, the Gods of love and the most beautiful beings in creation, and Sefora the Goddess of Fate. With this trade came a long understanding with our Weichan brothers and sisters and we have never had another war again. Though that doesn’t mean either side really forgave the other… But that’s another story for another time.


“Wow,” said one of the men present.

“It is a story that reminds all of us that you should never fall to the same level as your enemy. But if you must, try and come out of it with less damage than them.” Hesuviius winked. Everyone laughed.

“Now I believe I have time for one more story and I remember someone asking for a story describing the seasons and why they exist. Well… The story itself is actually taken from the Weichan people and is fairly adult.” Everyone scoffed.

“Oh come on old man. We can handle it. We’re all adults here.” said one man in the crowd.

“Well…most of us,” said the woman next to him. He nudged her playfully and Hesuviius nodded.

“Alright then, adults. It went a little like this…”


Koliaqu was a famed hunter in province of Havenwood. The Weichan were naturally great hunters but Koliaqu was the greatest, the epitome of the hunt, many thinking him a God in human form. But he was far too humble to accept such a compliment. To him there was only one God, or rather Goddess. Jama. She was everything. Every creature he captured he sacrificed to Jama. He was infatuated with her. One day he sought to catch something that would truly appease Jama. He traveled to the heart of the forest and saw her resting in the beautiful landscape, her legs crossed and eyes closed in silent meditation, pixies and fairies weaving her hair into wonderful braids. Every breath she took made the flowers bloom and every exhale made them shrink and hide. Koliaqu kneeled in front of her and she opened her eyes to see this admittedly handsome young man on his knees.

“Great Goddess Jama, she who is in command of all the Earth and its wonders, mother of the Gods and finest of them all,” he looked up at her. “I have caught one of every creature you have made for these woods and grow bored of catching them over and over.” Jama raised an eyebrow at him. “I wish to hunt better creatures. Faster. Stronger. More deadly beasts that will challenge me and be a far worthier sacrifice to the Mother of all.” He bowed low, his nose touching the forest floor, the little bugs and pixies laughing at him. Jama gave a minor smile but then returned to her stoic expression and stood on her feet.

“Stand huntsman.” He did as ordered and felt his heart leap as he saw how tall she was. He had always heard of the appearance of the Gods and seen statues and paintings of them, but to see one in person… Jama was Amazonian in height. She wore tribal robes with bears claws arranged around her neck in the form of a necklace. She had dark green silk robes that bared one shoulder and reached down to her ankles. She had long brown hair with braids woven into them and bright green eyes that glowed with divine power. Black tattoos adorned her face which seemed to add to her beauty. She held a curling willow staff with a jewel at the end of it held in place by the claws like grip of the staff.

“You are very bold to come to me directly and ask for something like this. Never in my years have I seen one act as you have.” Koliaqu raised his head and almost interjected before he kept his mouth shut. “But fine. I am more than a little interested in how this may play out for you. Let’s hope your skill is as great as you think.” She slammed her staff and Koliaqu bowed and when he raised his head. The Goddess was gone and instead in the bushes behind the spot she stood in was a… what was it? Koliaqu had never seen anything like this creature before. It was a creature that just looked otherworldly. It had massive owl-like eyes that were the color of snow with a long fu man chu style mustache that flowed as if it was underwater. Every time the beasts’ eyes blinked, they changed color so the snow color didn’t last long. It looked feline in form but had massive rainbow-colored wings that matched its pelt, but the rainbow colors seemed to be moving throughout its body like a wave, constantly shifting and changing. It had small deer’s antlers on its head and when the beast smiled, they began to curl upward into devils’ horns before going back into their primary position. Koliaqu slowly reached for his bow and notched an arrow to it, aiming right at the multicolored creature that stood right before him. It didn’t move even slightly and instead squinted its eyes, as if daring him to shoot. And so the huntsman did, letting the arrow fly at its intended target with such fury that you could almost see fire coming from it. The creature let out a breath of flame that completely destroyed the arrow before it got even slightly close to him before turning tail, kicking its back legs at Koliaqu and galloping off. He was shocked. He had never seen such a creature and knew not what to think of it. He had no moves for it. No prior experience… This was going to be a lot of fun.

Koliaqu chased after the beast every way he knew how. He studied its every movements, anything he thought would be relevant information. But this beast was smart. It only slept when Koliaqu did and only moved when it knew Koliaqu was after it. It searched for no food and drank no water, It traveled all throughout the country of Havenwood and even once dipping into Meria for no other reason than to confuse Koliaqu who grew more and more tired by the day. But he refused to let up, never letting the beats escape his mind. He asked for a challenge and the Goddess gifted him one. He was thankful. But damn was this ever a challenge. The hunt grew longer and longer. Weeks passed. Months passed. The greens of the land began to disappear and dry up, the leaves dying in color and falling off the leaves before snow began to fall from the sky and coat the world in a white blanket. Crops would not grow and no knew why. This was the first time this had ever happened. Koliaqu cared not for the weather. He cared only for his prey which was getting harder and harder to capture. He had exhausted every trick he ever used in his life and it never amounted to anything more than missed arrows and broken traps. There had to be something. Anything at all. Something that would catch this creature off guard. But he was tired now. Several months had gone by and he needed his rest again. Which meant the creature would wait for him. He knew it would cause it always did. It waited for Koliaqu every time. Tonight though Koliaqu began to conjure something together in that head of his. Something he didn’t think would work in the slightest, but he was doing anyway. He hung a huge net above himself that hid in plain sight just before he set up camp right underneath it and rested. He slept hard that night and so did the beast, both getting a long earned sleep.

Sadly the night went by fast and the multicolored beast awoke and was already prepared to run into the woods, awaiting Koliaqu to come after it but instead there was no one around. The beast looked around and saw the tired huntsman snoring his lungs out. The beast smiled but slowly approached the sleeping man, nudging him to wake him up. It was then the net fell onto both the creature and Koliaqu which woke him up and when he sat up, he was face to face with the beast, almost completely perplexed as to why it was so close to him before he realized… He caught it! He wasn’t even confidant that this would work but it did! He laughed joyously before the beast in front of him transformed into a snake and quickly slithered out of one of the holes in the net. Koliaqu was shocked but refused to let the beast escape him. He quickly threw himself out of his own trap and chased after the snake with nothing but sheer determination as his weapon. The snake was fast but was nothing compared to Koliaqu who remained right behind it, dauntlessly hunting his prey, never wavering for even a second. Koliaqu could feel his heart beating as he was so close to victory he could taste it. The snake was running towards the end of a massive waterfall, one that would certainly mean the end of Koliaqu if he didn’t stop. But he still pressed on, knowing full well that the beast he was chasing was planning something and he was prepared for whatever it was. The snake jumped over the edge of the cliff and the hunter behind it did the same. The snake changed into a griffon and tried to fly away until its tail was grabbed by Koliaqu who pulled the beast down to the ground with him. They fell rather fast despite the Griffon flapping its wings as quickly as it was and when the two of them crashed into the forest trees, falling into all kinds of branches and landing on the ground with more than a few cuts. When the young hunter and his prey hit the ground, he immediately jumped to his feet and began to chase after where he saw the griffon fall. There was a rather large crater where the beast landed and Koliaqu almost felt bad before he saw the beast get up and run away again. Naturally he chased after the creature who had since changed into a cheetah. This was somewhat harder to catch up with but wasn’t impossible. He had caught beings faster than this. He remained closely behind the little cheetah before lunging forward and tackling the beast to the floor and tumbling down hill with him before coming to the end where the beast had now changed into… a woman. No. A Goddess.

She looked at him with eyes of absolute desire while Koliaqu was almost exclusively shocked. She was completely naked, her bare skin rubbing against Koliaqu almost in anticipation for his next move. He had caught his prey. He needed time to catch his breath and process the situation but remained lost in gaze of the Goddess who pressed her hand against his cheek. Both of them were breathing far too heavily to be able to say anything to the other, they could only stare. Koliaqu’s eyes fell downward to examine the goddess in her entirety which she seemed to hold no issues with, even closing her eyes. She could feel his gaze slowly crawl over her, trickling down her ample chest, his gaze going down her toned stomach and falling just above her… private regions. He probably should have gotten off her… probably should have turned away… but he didn’t. And Jama didn’t want him to. He looked up at her and she didn’t even look back at him. She pushed his head down between her legs and I’m sure you can get what is going on here. She refused to let him go, keeping her thighs wrapped around his neck for heavens knows how long. And even when Koliaqu was done there, he was not done with her. Not by a long shot. The two of them were locked together for hours, Jama’s moans being heard all the way in Meria. At least that’s what some stories detail. The Goddess was quite distracted during all this time she spent with Koliaqu and as such the world fell into a colder climate for a time. A long time. Snow and ice fell from the sky and coated the world in its frozen presence and left many people thinking the world was going to end. This never happened before. Rest assured though when her fun with the huntsman ended, she returned the world to the green it once was…


“So… the world gets colder cause a Goddess gets horny?” asked one of the listeners.

“Ha! If that’s how you want to paraphrase it, go on ahead.”

“It’s a silly little story.” said one of the female listeners.

“I thought the world got colder because The Goddess Terra fell asleep or something like that to reacquire her strength?”

“That is a Merians telling of the story, and a completely wrong one at that. The story I detailed is directly from the mouth of one of shamans of the Weichan tribes. All truth.” Hesuviius stretched for a bit and looked at the sky. It was only about midday.

“Can we hear more stories? Please?” asked one of the women present. Everyone agreed and asked for more while Hesuviius laughed.

“You guys haven’t heard enough yet?” Everyone shook their head. He laughed again. “Alright alright. I don’t mind telling a few more… You guys ever hear about the story of a little girl who drove a God insane?” Everyone was silent and more than a little shocked.

“Well then have I got quite the story for you.”
Chronicles of Alvarys: Miscellaneous Myths
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