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Rainbow Dash out of nowhere

Also known as Rainbow Dash attempting to break the 4th wall. Sorry Rainbow Dash, but only Pinkie Pie can break the 4th wall.

Yes, yes, I know her arm is coming out of her head. I know it's an animation error. I could fix it, but that requires work and I'm a lazy man. See the problem?

Original image: [link]
Crash effect: [link]

Taken from the Sonic Rainboom episode (Season 1, episode 16)
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Rainbowdash slammed into a camera

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AGH anouther Pony In the Windsheild Oh Wait It's RD HEY RD 

RD : Hi Swager *Mones In Pain*

What Happend  

RD : I Crashed Into Your Windsheild  
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Hello, sir..? I have used your vector for a background I made with pixlr. :3

May I publish it with this vector? Wink/Razz 
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Is it just me or does this remind me of Sonic knocking on the glass in Sonic Generations?
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All Units: We have an attempted fourth wall breach! Reinforcements highly Regarded!
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Look out for that - Bam!!!! Tree.
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Hi, I used your's vector here [link] (and here)
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*Rainbow dash appears out of nowhere*

*me and rainbow dash hit heads*

Me and rd: OOOW!
Atom-Smasher-Errors's avatar
Ooh! Yeowch! That must mildly hurt!
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Oooooooh! That's gotta hurt! Hope she's okay.
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Commo Dashie! Break the 4th wall!!!
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New laptop background XD
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she has my face when i fall over on accident and bang my face on a desk at school.
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lol You're not Pinkie Dash
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I'm going to attempt to put this in front of the Windows background. If I am successful I shall put the link in this comment section.
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What's the 4th wall?
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"Breaking the 4th wall" means that fictional characters break into the real world.
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Sorry Rainbow Dash, but only Pinkie...(reads description)...nevermind.
jump out the window, like a boss
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Cool if i use this?
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