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Rainbow Dash looked at her son as he stood at attention. Prism's chest was puffed out and his goggles sat atop his head. Rainbow narrowed her eyes at him and started to pace back and forth, her head raised. 
"Alright you filthy maggot! Today we're going into the heart of the storm to take on the mighty, uncontrollable force that is lightning! Are you paying attention Prism?!" Rainbow shouted. In truth, Prism wasn't at all listening, he was too focused on the dark thunder clouds that were rolling in. 
This is it! He thought. I'm finally moving on from stupid trainee and upgrading to a Junior Wonder Bolt!
"Prism Bolt!!" Rainbow yelled, snapping Prism out of his fantasy. 
"Yes Ma'am!" Prism responded, returning to his attentive position.
"Repeat what I said back to me!" Rainbow said, taking a step towards Prism.
"Uh..." Prism lowered his head a bit, trying to remember.
Rainbow gave a deep sigh, shaking her head. 
"If your going to survive Junior Wonder Bolt training, you're going to have to get over that arrogance!"
"We're just flying through a few thunder clouds. This is first day stuff!" Prism said grinning. 
"This is not your typical rain storm! This is the storm of the century! You're going to have to have your wits about you if you're going to escape with your tail feathers!" Rainbow proclaimed, shooting a few punches at the sky. 
"Sure. Okay." Prism said rolling his eyes. 
"Come on cadet! " Rainbow pushed her face right into Prism's.  Their noses smashed together as Prism gave his mother a concerned look. 
"Get it together! This isn't boot camp! This is real!"
"I get it mom." Prism said moving his face out of his mother's nose. He stood up and walked over to the launch line. The wind had started to pick up speed as the rain started to sprinkle on this trainee suit. "Let's just do this!" He said angerly, turning to look at Rainbow, who looked very displeased. 
"Very well!" She said, taking a quick leap to the launch line. 
Rainbow placed on her goggles over her eyes and raised her butt in the air so she would have a powerful take off. Her wings were outstretched and her gaze fixed an the sky. Prism took one look at his mother and rolled his eyes,  a smug grin on his lips. 
"On my mark!" Rainbow yelled as the wind rolled in stronger than before. The rain poured harder and thunder could be heard in the distance. 
"Ready?" Rainbow asked Prism, but again, his full attention was on the rolling clouds. 
He took a deep breath and started running forward.
"Prism!" Rainbow yelled, shooting up from her ready position.
Prism outstretched his wings and flapped hard, eventually taking off into the sky. He climbed up and shot through the first layer of cloud cover, finding himself between storms. Rainbow came up behind him.
"You have to wait for me!" She yelled.
"What? I can hear you! Too much wind!" Prism smiled and took off into the space between the clouds. Rain ran down his fur and feathers as he picked up speed. Lighting began to connect between the two thunder clouds. Prism flipped and dodged through the lighting masterfully. He let his wings do the work as he climbed upwards and backwards and back to his original direction. Prima heartbeat raced as he smiled excitedly. Lighting came down and almost struck him a few times, but he was too quick. 
Out of nowhere Rainbow shot out in front of Prism, causing him to stop rather suddenly. 
"Okay big shot! We're done!" Rainbow yelled between lighting strikes. 
"What do you mean? Am I a Junior Wonder Bolt yet or not?" Prism yelled back.
"Wha- WHY?!" Prism cried.
"You don't pay attention! You don't listen! You don't do anything!!" Rainbow shouted.
"I do what I want!" Prism yelled, shooting past Rainbow.
"Look out!" Rainbow yelled as a shot of lightning struck Prism on the nose. The shock went through his body and Prism fell through the bottom clouds and was descending quickly towards the ground. 
Rainbow swooped down and grabbed her son and brought him down to the ground as softly as she could. She looked around desperately for a sign of the town, but the darkness had taken over the land so there was no sign of Ponyville. Rainbow grabbed Prism, placing him on her back and took off the way they came.
She touched down in front of the Ponyville hospital and ran up to the front doors. 
"Help!" She yelled as the doors opened. Nurses rushed to the front seeing Prism hanging off her back. The placed him on a rolling bed and rushed him away. 
"Make sure he's okay..." Rainbow whispered. 

Prism left the hospital, a large bandage on his nose. He was welcomed by all his friends,Whirlwind hugging him as soon as she saw him. Rainbow walked through the crowd and looked down on her son, who lowered his head. 
"I hope you've learned your lesson." She said, walking last him and down the path to Ponyville.


Headcannon for Prism's scar (cuz bumping into a thing in this universe would NOT scar someone that bad) and the reason why Prism and Raindbow don't have the best relationship. It's also why he lost some of his arrogance. 

:iconkilala97: Prism
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