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My Vexel Tutorial

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Published: August 17, 2008
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This was by request from Nikkie!!!

Stuff I Do While Vexeling!

Sections: I usually start vexeling my skin in sections until the color starts to run together. For example if my last layer of color is running into the cheek, I'll stop doing the chin and start doing the cheek. I'll vexel the cheek until it catches up with the last layer I did with the chin. Then I'll make a new group underneath both and start vexeling them together. I basically combine them. I hope that makes sense lol It all depends on what I'm vexeling, I do it differently each time.

Also while your vexeling the skin zoom out a little to see what your skin is looking like so you can fix whatever you don't like.

Picture Size: I normally go for super duper HQ pictures. It's just easier for me because I can see better. And plus I zoom in quite a bit so I can see and try to make my shapes smooth.

Time: I generally take my time when I do vexels. That's why I don't have that many lol I wish I could vexel fast but I really just can't. If I do, I feel like it looks sloppy. I just try to take my time and do the best that I can do right now. I'm slowly improving.

Hair: I'm going to do a tutorial on hair really soon! Right now I do hair using the stroke path method. Before I would do it using shapes and then I used a combination of shapes and the stroke path method. Hair can be fun, if it doesn't take forever. The vexel I'm doing now is taking me forever because of the hair.

Music: I MUST HAVE MUSIC or else I would die lol I can't sit at the computer for five hours without music. It's just too hard. And also I take breaks like every hour lol
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thanx for this very useful tut i love it and it woks with me 100%
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nazimskikdaHobbyist Digital Artist
very good tuto :D
please add me : www.facebook.com/naazimdz
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cryinginreddesignsHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for this! I've been trying to learn Vexelling the last few years. Ok more like the last 10... but there's so many different ways to do it. I've never gotten good at any one way. So I'm just going to keep trying!
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You're welcome! Keep at it! :)
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This technique is what i used, I'm working on my Liam Payne Vexel. Thank you so much for this. Another knowledge added on my little head 😊
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Hi ,
Thanks for the tips and tricks and you have a fabulous of gallery.
I have been practicing. However, It usually ended up like a photo clone unlike yours with artistic elements within your drawing.  Do you have any advices from a newbie like me .

Thanks in advance.
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DavidAvilesJrHobbyist Digital Artist
please make a hair tut
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I will once I get a break from university work :)
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thanks for the tutorial but what COLOR do you mean? Color dodge? Color burn? thanks again :D
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I set the blending mode to Color not Color Dodge or Color Burn :)
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Very helpful...and you seemed fine at explaining to me.
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AlexasAnticsStudent General Artist
fantastic tutorial. I've just started my first vexel and I'm loving it. Coming out better than I thought lol. Thank you for sharing!
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i4dezign73 Digital Artist
I love the idea of Vexel Art, but it's concept has always confused me tbh.

Your tutorial, having explained the basics, has inspired me to have a go at this. I tend to construct my portraits digitally (via photoshop) and the only vector portraits I have ever created were done in illustrator, using the gradient mesh tool - That's a whole new world in itself :)

However, what I have never done is combine both packages. So this is definitely on "my things to try list"
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cletssimpleHobbyist Interface Designer
this was great work. :D
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ItsmachoHobbyist Digital Artist
can u make a whole face tut im still learning how to make these they are so hard .
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NeRrOoProfessional Interface Designer
nice job
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can use it for all the skin?
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thanks your tut is very nice :)
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Nice i Like this Tut its easy To Meehh TY For it ^^
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Ahh this is really useful! I've always wanted to try out vexel art but i've never found a good enough tutorial, so thanks for taking the time to do this :D
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