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December 1, 2009
Head For The Stars by ~fabulosity "I Love how realistically she captured Britney in this, and you can tell a lot of time and patience went into every stroke. the hair is smooth and seems very effortlessly done...but the real detail is in the dress, every crease was vexelled. this vexel is simple but beautiful."
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Head For The Stars

Program: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Pen tool
Time: Started in November 2008, completed Feb 2, 2009
Layers: 1034
Original Image:…

OMGGGGGGGGGG! I'm so glad I'm done. I haven't completed a vexel in six months. I'M SO PROUD OF ME! This is supposed to be Britney Spears lol Anyway, this was really hard. The dress scared me the most. I did my best and I didn't give up lol Anywho, I rushed through the hair. It could be better. Overall I likes it even though the background is a little plain.

*edit* I GOT A PRINT REQUEST WOO HOO! lol but whens the watermark going to show up? i'm scared, this is the actual full view :/

*editn 12-1-09* OMG! A DD! THANKS SO MUCH! This means a lot to me! OMG!
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absolutely breathtaking!
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i'm not quite sure what "vexel" actually means (such a shame, really, since i'm a senior in art school and they haven't taught me that yet) but your digital images are some of the best i have ever, EVER seen. whatever it is, i really wish i knew how to do it! lol
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This is fantastic, i can't stop staring at it, you did great and we want more! :)
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Wow. Very realistic representation.
Although I dont like Britney, but this picture is awesome!
Well done! ;)
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oh very nice i should have a friend like you! you are brilliant the best!
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let's become friend!
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wow gorgeous! gread job! :O :heart:
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Damn... It looks so real. It really is amazing.
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Girl you're hair master in vexel
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everything about this piece is amazing, so much clever detail! you are very skilled with Vexel work!
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it didn't take me six months, more like 2 1/2 months lol
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uhahuahua, sorry XD it's awesome same :)
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congratz on the DD ^^ and wow first time i saw this i thought it was her actual picture in the album cover! very impressive ^^
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