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I Got You

"People say that we don't know
What love is or how to make it grow
Well, I don't know if all that's true
'Cause you got me and baby, I got you

Oh, babe, I got you, babe, I got you, babe"
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Pansy-DRUM's avatar
AWWW! this is SO cute. :iconadorableplz:

And I love interacial couples :3
psln's avatar
I love it!!
SlothGurl's avatar
Oh my god, thanks so much. I've been looking around at TLoU fan art, and there was barely any for the dancing scene. So thanks for drawing my favourite scene in the DLC!
44sunsets's avatar
This is awesome. The Riley + Ellie dancing scene = pure joy.
BlueLionEyes's avatar
Awesome! Looks cute :3
makushimu-kun's avatar
Cute and everything ^^
JackNiels's avatar
Gawd, how adorable.. I dig the way you've drawn them! Also agree with the previous comment, I'd love to see this on a poster!

So great! 
dcjosh's avatar
awwwww thats perfect ,3
StitchedAlchemy's avatar
Can I have this on a t-shirt, or on a poster, or on something? This is perfectly adorable, and I love the way you presented it with the silhouette of the walkman! :heart:
Berneri's avatar
ELLIE. RILEY. ;_; This is so sweet yet so sad at the same time, because you know what is going to happen.. They both look so happy. ;u; <3

I really like how you did those borders, nice idea! Great job, nice fan art. ♥
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