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Public map - 2 camps


This is a map made earlier this year, unfortunately it wasn't used so now it is up for everyone to use!

It's not huge but a nice size with two different camps.
-2 camps > one on a mountain and one in a cave/hollow
-light forests around each camp
-stream through middle with grassy plains on each side
-one house - hunters lodge or something?
-ship wreck
-small waterfall
-not-quite-an-island island with den on for meetings or someting idk

sorry the screenshots are not great, it cuts off like a third of it for some reason?? more screenshots

Suitable for wolves, warrior cats, saber-tooth tigers etc whatever you like, perhaps shipwrecked dogs = surviving with wolves idk
   or perhaps a nice temp map

usual FH rules
all objects free from fh forums or here…

please link back to this page instead of giving out direct link!
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Elly, it's me, DaisyTheFox from FeralHeart. Please come back I'm missing you! Anyways, that map looks really cool

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Don't know who Elly is but thanks for the comment on the map :)

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Sorry. I thought you were someone else