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Public Africa Map

Because there can never be enough African based maps!

I am really pleased with how this turned out though!!

It's a large map with plenty of camps (3 mains - one underground, 2 in mountains, all in corners of map, and loads of smaller dens.)
There is also a small human village - more based on the domestic animal side.
Includes mountains, rivers, shallow water, plains and forest.
It's based more on the realistic side. There is no clear boundaries between the camps. Most dens are made from rocks, however there is a few default caves tuttut also some of the grass is starting to take off whoops. I might fix this at a later date.

Download:… - should work!

fh rules apply ofc! Have fun! 

Meshes and objects (c) to many different owners, tysm for making them free to use!
Main base of height map isn't mine(edited it a bit), I believe it was a ftu sims height map! c':
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COOOOOL! I live in africa, so i can say that it's pretty spot on c: except not enough yellow grass :') well, there's not normally alot of yellow grass but we're in a drought right now, eek. <3
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Haha I thought about yellow grass instead but it just didn't look right. I studied out there for a few weeks and it defo wasn't as green! But maybe it can be based on after it has rained or something idk xD But thank you!<3
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Haha ok x3 And np c:
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gorgeousssss!!! aaaa <3 definitely will download it!
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Aaaah ;; your maps never seize to amaze me!! This looks so lovely ouo will def download~
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