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Free map -snowy village and forest

Another free map! <3 I love this one!

Snowy themed with cosy village place and one main wolf den site(multiple dens), with meeting cave in the middle and a few others bits to find. Made with realism in mind(: Originally made for a sled dog vs wolf kinda rp but use it for whatever you want. 

Usual FH rules apply.…

If your game crashes after you have put this in exports, go to FH>Media>Particles and delete all the copied files which will end in _0, _1,_2 etc


Thanks to all those that made the meshes I have used free to use:D
Credits:… - Glave's houses… - Fur rugs
I think the wow trees and rocks are from Theirry's fh forum page, but cannot find the link anywhere!… - Tetsu's converted Amnesia pack… - terrain textures… - old house… - chain fence
Height map, texture design and map design (c) me
Please give credit wherever you put a link for this map
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