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Streex is my favorite character in the show, and you did him justice here, faboarts.


Btw, wouldn't it be interesting if the Street Sharks were Hogwarts students?

They'd be in a house apiece...

Big Slammu-Hufflepuff: A very nice guy who enjoys eating and is both indescribably devoted to the heroic cause of the Street Sharks, while also quite close to his brothers, with whom he shares and displays boundless loyalty.

Jab-Gryffindor: Extremely aggressive and with quite a temper, but has shown to fear either nothing or, at the very least, almost nothing, along with loving to fight and showing great courage in situations where things like his life being in danger are present.

Ripster-Ravenclaw: The most intelligent member of the group and indeed the one who's proven the best inventor and scientist. Not to mention that the way he's so calm and collected helps a lot in terms of his making the wise, rational choice and indeed he has done so very often.

Streex-Slytherin: Really cool, clever and prone to witticisms, and a guy who's quite adept at hockey and skating, both of which require considerable speed and movement in various directions, which is how a snake moves, along with how his stripes(which, ironically, he gets his name from)would make snakes come to mind with him much quicker than with his three brothers, since they have none, not to mention how he's so smooth that he's constantly able to woo the ladies and his vanity and flirtatiousness fit a Slytherin only too well.

Ironic that he's the most popular of the sharks while Slytherin is the least popular Hogwarts house, and especially since this picture is of him and thus he's the one who sparked this thinking, but in any case, great job, and pretty damn good analogies, if I do say so myself.
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Thank you very much! :thanks:

And interesting analogies! :D

No problem.

I'm glad you like them.

I can actually just imagine the sharks being called over and getting the sorting hat put on their heads...

Coop, Slammu...HUFFLEPUFF!

Clint, Jab...GRYFFINDOR!

John, Ripster...RAVENCLAW!

Bobby, Streex...SLYTHERIN!
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Fabulous work!
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Hey, thank you, man!
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Thank you, bro! :thanks:
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You're welcome! :salute:

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It's so nice to see stuff from you. I actually have the Hammerhead Shark guy from this series somewhere in my stuff. :D
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Thank you, man! I'll try to have more activity here... ;P

Oh, Do you have a drawing of Jab in your gallery?... I'll check it, now...
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Oh! I wish I did. I just own the action figure. I should draw him though. :D
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Ahhh ok, ok... :D 'Exploring' through your gallery is a fantastic adventure, anyway!  #1 
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Nunca vi "Street Sharks", pero me encanta tu dibujo ! clap remake 1b :clap: clap remake 1a 
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I named my first Sonic OC after this guy! lolol Street Sharks was the bomb! Needs a reboot.
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