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Some Original Characters of mine in a Story I'm currently writing entitled "Subjugated"... It's too involved to give it any depth in a picture description. LOL...

But these are the main characters Sethendril (Seth) the big tall honking "native" his race is based on Native Americans in this world in my story, again, complicated.

The other is Lillan, who's race USED to look like Seth's but the tribe split a long LONG time ago and Lillan's race went way freaking NORTH and like our ancestors who moved out of Africa, their skin lightened over time and they became smaller because food was scarce. That's just natural biology over a long, long time. He should be even whiter, but that is freaking HARD to paint to give any shadow depth.

Their Race, the Konane, (Shen's Clan of the Sha'andra and Lillan's Clan the Kynari) are like a cross between Native Americans and Elves and a mish mosh of both their Nature legends/beliefs, it's a cross mix for the world I'm writing.

There, that's it in a nutshell.
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Can't wait to read it!
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Lovely! Very, very nice, I like the whole thing, coloring, position and the contrast of their size. Interesting back story for them to.
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Thanks! Still hashing out their story. :)
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Oh! And give me the address for your hotel! I'm working that Friday -_-, but I have that Saturday off.
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Thanks girly ~_^
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