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Saucy Santa

I promised CousinNick a SuFin Sketch for Christmas.... Here it is.
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I find saucy Tino so damned CUTE!! It is always a great bit of fun when the manwives give the viking/barbarian husbands a run for their money. Score more points for the adorable doofs!
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I saw what you did there....

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I'm lovin' these holiday pics. Excuse me while I fave bomb.
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Fav bombs make me squee! :)
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*nosebleed* Yes, Santa know *nosebleed*
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no problem but... seems more like sant's the one whos been naughty.
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He's about to be... ;)
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ohohoho I see... ;)
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*waggles eyebrows* Santa.. after dark. ;)
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To Mrs. Armstrong:
For several months or so, I had the good fortune of discovering your exemplary work via SuFin group here on dA. Shy nature prevented me from commenting and registering my ecstatic delight at the quality and depth of your work, but now I feel compelled to express my earnest felicity of being to appreciate your exceptional art and writing.

The pose is intimate, yet very affectionate, esp the playful jesting on Tino's part.
The anatomy is superb, marking each curvature of both men's muscular frames. Facial features are remarkably individual and are comely, the detail to the glasses, lips, eyes, even Tino's St Nick's apparel are depicted with such clarity and details.
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Oh my... How very sweet of you!
thank you so very much,I'm honored.
Thank you again. :blush::iconblushplz::heart:
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:iconsufinplz: Oh so sexy even :iconspainapprovedplz:
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Sexy SuFin makes me happy. Thanks!
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