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Norway GOD JUL

Gift art for :iconlily-l-bell:

I haven't doodled in AGES sorry if it's a little rusty and rough. It's just a sketch. GOD JUL!

Festive Norway is Festive.
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He is so pretty!! THIS is so pretty!! :D

And LOL at the Christmas festivities you and Lily were talking about in earlier comments!
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Thanks sweetie... here's a peek at a WIP I'm working on: [link]

if that link doesn't work try here:
and just click on the pick to make it bigger.

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Awww! That's cute!!!
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:XD: It's great!
Trust all is well. Merry! Merry!
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everything is so far so good on the Southern-midwestern front sir! :)
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See my latest Journal post...
Magoo-Tora's avatar
.... You always make characters so pretty when you draw them <3

Oh that face, Siguard, I will never grow tired of that face. :P
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thanks! :) I love Norway, :)
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I saw this on tumblr first, hur, silly me.

But I think this is amazing and love that he's so beautiful and so festive and at the same time his face is absolutely sour and unyielding of his feelings... I'm sure he's probably watching Denmark dressing as some holiday hooligan, running around and harassing people. This is what happens, Siguard, when Gilbert invites your boyfriend to go a-krampus-ing with him. ;3
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I'm sure Mathias is in his boxer shorts in the snow and "warm" from way too much Eggnog.
Lily-L-Bell's avatar
Oh lordy lordy, why mathias cannot be left unattended for christmas. For goodness sake he missed last years christmas event in CANON!
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All that lovely spiced Rum... he likes more NOG in his eggnog. :)

I need to draw drunken!Santa Mathias run over by Tino's Reindeer!

TINO: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! He just ran out naked into the STREET!
Siguard: He's an Ass! Leave himm there to sober up.
Erik: *doesn't care*
Mathias: @_@ ... Ow. A little help?
Berwald: goes and Stands on his head. "I'm helping mankind and giving them peace on earth by shutting you up!"
TINO: BEAR!!! Get off his face!
siguard: No, he's right. Come inside Tino, I made mulled cider.
erik: Already back inside playing his Xbox and eating licorice with Mr. Puffin.

Lily-L-Bell's avatar
... I absolutely love their family, but don't worry folks, Mads will spend New Years with a cold getting it nursed out of him by his little love dove. ;) Siguard will have to make up for his christmas coldness by being a nurse on New Years to a drunk with a cold who is now too miserable to do anything but watch the festivities on the tele from the safety of his electric blanket on the couch, drinking home made medicinal soup as he tries to sneak booze for the occassion... meanwhile Tino is a little far gone in his celebrations as he had to spend christmas mostly sober. ;) Not that Berwald minds... the calendar changed with his parts stuffed inside his intoxicated, cuddly wife. Way to bring in the next year!

Erik just ate pizza and turned off his game long enough to watch the festivities before turning his XBox back on and listening to Mads backseat play him from the couch. "No no, you didn't pick up the gold and EXP go back go back. Is there co-op on this game?" Erik: "No." *yes there is but he doesn't want to play with his brother in law.*
fablespinner's avatar
LOL!!!!!! This needs to be crack!fic
Lily-L-Bell's avatar
If only I had time right now to write I would do this little drabble so fast. XD
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At the same time hes saying:
"Im so pretty!"
"What are you lookin' at, punk?"
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He is so pretty!
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