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Nederland x Norge

This was a request by "Ballpointpenandneedles" for her Ship of Netherlands x Norway.

She wanted something nice for Christmas since her Ship has very little fanart for it... here you go sweetie. Merry Christmas.

Nederland is wearing traditional Dutch Folk costume and Norway is wearing a Bunad Costume/Norwegian traditional Dress.
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So detailed! i love it , i adore the perfect anatomy !!^_^ well done :D
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Anatomy is one of my pet peeves. It has to be accurate or it drives me bonkers. Thanks!
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wat, dit is geen nederlandse traditionele 'outfit', en trouwens niemand in nederland draagt klompen, dat is honderden jaren gelede.
what, this is not a traditional dutch outfit, and btw nobody wears wooden shoes in holland, that was hondreds of years ago
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It's meant to be 17th century-ish. I got the outfit FROM a dutch painting. I just drew the clothing on the character. I just embellished the buttons.
hows that a traditional dutch folk costume?
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Because I researched folk costumes.

One example: The one I used for folk costume reference: [link]
another: [link]
another: [link]
another: [link]
another: [link]

Enough examples of traditional folk costumes for you?

As for Your homophobic comment, you can get bent. Learn what Hetalia is first before you jump to conclusions and show everyone you are a bigot with issues.
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This is great, I really love this ship... Nice job!
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omg.. this is like watching selfcest to me D8 (?)
hahaha just personal, cause I've cosplayed them both xD
either way, nice job~~
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thank you, it was a request from a friend
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Wow, finally fanart of this! I wanted to try drawing this pair too, but Neth's hair simply scares me...
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It was a request from a friend (and yes, the hair is terrible).
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I could ship this xD.
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I'm in the DenNor Longboat but I know Netherlands is a bastard to draw no matter who he's with.
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