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Happy Saturnalia

Merry Christmas to :iconmagoo-tora:


Happy Saturnalia Rome Style.

Rome, Germania, N. Italy, S. Italy, Germany/HRE, Prussia and Gilbird celebrate Saturnalia circa 200 AD :)

I hope you like it!
:) :heart:
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Simply-- :iconyaaayplz: And likewise to you... :heart:
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I like this, it made me smile very much. XD
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thank you so much.
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this is beautiful, I love the realistic style you gave it <3
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thank you very much. :)
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:XD: :D Indeed! And heartfelt the same to you!

Now, when does the Satyr-nalia begin? ;)

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The Winter Solstice December 21/22 (Lowest peak) this year not sure which day it falls on and the 24/25 (Returns to lengthening days) is the "sun reborn".
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Quite! And Blessed Be, too...
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Someone remembered it for once! :dummy: It was a pretty awesome holiday, in my opinion. :D

Anywho, I should probably stop talking and just favorite this epicness. :XD:
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Thanks and I remember that it's one of the many pagan holidays Stolen er.. appropriated and re-named to "Christ's Mass" when the Church was stamping out other religions. ;)

This was the Roman Pagan Holiday.
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:nod: I take Latin, and we did all kinds of research into it. It's quite interesting, really. But, yes, we Christians kinda stole the idea... well, minus freeing the slaves for a week. :XD:
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Modern Christmas is such a conglomeration of so MANY pagan religions from all over Europe. We get the Tree from Saturnalia, Mistletoe from Germanic lore, Yule logs from Scandinavian mythos, the birth of the SUN (not SON) from Mithras, etc... the only thing NOT pagan about the whole thing is the story of Jesus, but if you read carefully, shepherds in the flock with Lambs? Um.... that is SPRING not WINTER. So yeah... you can't stop the peasants pagan parties, so you change them and make up a reason for them to party since they are having one anyway. *rolls eyes*
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True, true. Many people claim that December 25th is not really Jesus' birth date (Which, by your logic, makes some sense) It's a shame that Christmas has evolved into such a materialistic, greedy holiday, really. :(
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I just treat it like a day to spoil my family with food and fun and get them things they WANT rather than NEED, things I know they'd never get for themselves. It's cheerful and fun and I'm an atheist anyway so it's nothing "holy" to me. It's "Spoil my loved ones today because I can" day. :)
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And a blessed Yule to you as well!
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At first I was too excited to look and just spazzed around my tiny room XD

I still can't take in the details because I'm so excited you made me something! It's a total and pleasant surprise!


I can't thank you or fave this enough!!

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Well you're welcome sweetie. Glad you liked it and it's a nice way to christen you joining the Rp too. :)
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I'm having difficulty expressing my love for this so I'll just fav it and stop talking now.
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i wonder....who are the moms
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Who knows, it seems nations are "born" not quite the way humans are. As far as we know, none of them popped out of woman and just sort of sprang up from the earth they are attached too and raised by older nations who "founded" the new nation.
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xDDDD i wasnt serious LOL
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Well I was just surmising myself... no one knows. *shrugs* I read a few mpregs LOL!
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awww thats so cute :D i love it
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