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Christmas Libations

After a long night of Delivering presents... Santa!Tino arrives home, opens up several bottles of Salmiakki Koskenkorva (Salmiakki flavored Vodka) and tells Berwald/Sweden all about his night...

Sorry my odd sense of humor kicked in... I like Drunk!Finland.

Hetalia is not mine
the crack is....
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I'm finnish and find this very funny :')
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Thank you, this is based on the Anime/Manag Hetalia.
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More drunk Tino!! In fact, more drunk Tino AND drunk Eduard!! Adorably awesome picture, by the way. Though I don't need to remind you that your work is kick-ass because it just IS.
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Just a minor spelling mistake; the spirit is written Koskenkorva. Which by the way literally translates in to 'Rapids ear' XD.

Wonderful job as always!
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Thanks, I knew that, typo is now fixed.
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XD I love this so much!! -can't stop laughing-
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I need to do a Denmark companion piece next year. Laying in wait with a shotgun. "NO crapping on my roof this year or I bag me some venison for the season!"
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ha! I look forward to it! XD
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Oh god this is hilarious. xD I have been laughing for the past ten minutes XD
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YAY! Then my job is done here! :)
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You do not know how hard I laugh at this. :rofl:
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laughing is good. Thanks!
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*snickers* Because you totally know that Finland would have left that steaming pile right there. Den's just lucky he didn't get it in his stocking XD
fablespinner's avatar
Of course he left it there. :) Finland not touching shit! LOL Thanks!
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Methinks, what with all that Salmari, Berwalrd will be cumming in Tino's chimney tonight... ;D

I'm so sorry that was terrible.
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Hahaha, God I'm sorry. :'3 I am way too perverted. xD
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LOL! You're welcome!
TamakiSenpai-ismine's avatar
drunk!finland is awesome XD
fablespinner's avatar
I think so too. :) Thanks
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