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Age of Vikings - SuFin

I did the Denmark x Norway "Age of Vikings" and here's a companion piece. In the next tent at camp we have Berwald and Tino under some wolf, reindeer and bear pelts. Berwald's gear close at hand in case something tries to come in the night and Tino asleep across his lap, using Berwald's knee as a makeshift pillow.

Looks like Berwald got a few bumps and bruises last battle and some stitches on his chest. Perhaps Tino's fingers did the sewing?

Make up whatever fantasy you like to go with this pic. I know I did.

I love Viking crap. And God, I love Berwald in a beard. :drool:
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I haven't been able to look away from this for some time now-- it's so enchanting. The detail is stunning, and I've never been a fan of heavy facial hair, but here I'm glad to make an exception.

Most of all, I love how you've made Tino look vulnerable here, but still masculine. Berwald just radiates protection-- it's hard to describe the feeling I get; it's not as simple as "warm-fuzzies..."

I'll stop babbling now and continue to enjoy your work.
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That's some of the nicest reviews I've ever received. Thank you very much. It's always so wonderful to hear how I made someone feel. Thank you do much.
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Oh God the runes on the shield and everything asdfghjkl
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Just don't ask me what the runes say... I have no idea. I just copied some I was looking at, it could be a viking grocery list for all I know. ;)
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You know one of the most important things about the Vikings that most people don't connect is that they became the Normans, the most advanced European culture of the Dark Ages. Check out: "The Kingdom in the Sun" and "The Other Conquest" by John Julius Norwich...
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Oh I know, I love all the Norman Kings starting with William the Conqueror. Fascinating Men.
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Fredrick the Great is mine. Had his capitol in Palermo. Was given the title of "Stuper Mundi," the Wonder of the World." ...
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Well I like the Normans practiced gay marriage. "affrèrement" (Brotherment) and took the vow: "un pain, un vin, et une bourse" (One bread, one wine, one purse)... as a legal binding of two men in the same sort of marriage contract as seen between men and women. Property, heirs etc... This could include blood brothers to settle family disputes but more often it was between two unrelated men and used as a loving marriage contract.

That to me is just awesome. Gotta love progressive Normans.
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Indeed... Too bad the Catholic Church put an end to it all...
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*sigh* yup. Homophobic dress wearing murderers. Too bad nothing as changed in 1000 years
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Indeed! As your quote from Voltaire well states...
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aaaawwww so cute. I love it
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I love the knots you did on the shield! Though the whole piece if wonderful!
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That shield too forever, thank you for noticing! :heart:
Thank you.
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aww i love viking stuff and this is just amazing !! god im so jealous of your drawings !
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thank you so much.
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Dat beard, unf.

Tino looks so cozy. Long hair looks surprisingly good on him.
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Thanks, I thought his hair is so silky it would lay very flat longer but feel like Mink or something in those days.
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I love it! It always kind of bugs me when no one does the hair differently in historical pieces like this. They usually had longer hair in this era sdafklj So it's nice to see it done "right". :)
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