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First Update in four years!  Still alive, working on art and archaeology and writing.  It's a good life :)
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Wow, I can't believe I got here.  I'd long ago given up ever breaking into the five digit, thank you to everyone who has faved or watched or commented!  I'll be getting some new photography and sketches up over break, I hope.  Turns out being in college means not uploading too much, seeing as this lap top is scarcely equipped with anything by way of image editing.  I love you all so much though, Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Cheerful Solstice/Happy Snowflake day to everyone!

PS someone smack me the next time I try to put off writing these papers...
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I wonder, does the whipped cream on top of a good hot chocolate melt exponentially faster as less of it is present?  The first half takes so much longer to melt than the second half, looking at it now it's got me thinking....

Keep asking weird questions.
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Not in a pathetic sort of way, mind you.  Just every time I try to get back into DA after awhile gone, people have understandably semi-written me off.  Stuff I'd really like to show people gets more or less ignored.  I totally get why, I guess it just sort of surprises me each time.  Not a huge problem though, I'll just show my stuff to my sister more.  Won't she be pleased!

I got a photo, my most recently submitted one, to earn some sort of merit award at some sort of semi-important state (I think!) show.  Basically I know zilch about the competition, couldn't even tell you how I came to be entered.  My teacher just sent the thing in.  But it was one of fifteen to earn a merit award.  I think about a hundred actually made it into the shoe, and us little tag-along merit folks sort of sit on the sidelines.  About 1500 total entries, I think?  Again, I may as well be throwing darts for answers though.  I have no idea what it really means.  So...yay?

I hope everyone's well, and had awesome holidays.  Any groovy presents?  I got a pocket watch and a really boss copy of Dracula, all in all I found my holidays to be more or less copasetic.  Besides the fact that my grandma passed away shortly before it, which was really hard.  Still makes me sad, now, but not so heavily I guess.  Ah well, weird note to end on.
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  • Reading: Dracula by Bram Stoker (finished)
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Well, at last I have seen it.  It took years of wondering whether I really wanted to, whether I could get away with it (when I was younger), and whether it would live up to the hype or just let me down.  Ha!  Let me down!  As if, that movie was so awesome I could have died happy watching it (though I will admit, I'm glad I didn't).

Ironically, as it was my parents keeping me from watching it when years ago, I ended up watching it WITH them, which needless to say was awkward at parts.  But it didn't mar to viewing experience too much.  What a beautiful movie, I can't get that music out of my head.  I have a friend who goes to the local midnight show every once in awhile, I think I'll have to tag along some time soon.

Anywho, that was the day before Halloween.  Yesterday, not only did I finish the book Dracula, but I finished watching Coppola's version of it as well, which was really cool.  I'm in LOVE with the story, though I can't stand the sexist preaching Bram Stoker did.  I ended up pretty much reading along, in the sense that I would read a section the night before, and that day we'd watch what I'd read more or less.  And not because the full book was assigned, just because I fell in love with the thing.  What a terrific horror story, I highly recommend it!  Anywho, that was Halloween day!

That night, I went as a vampire hunter, complete with rosary and garlic bough fresh that day while walking home!  Obviously, Dracula inspired this as well.  Some friends came over, and we handed out candy until the kids stopped showing up, then I saw the Exorcist for the first time ( I WISH I could get some of those scenes out of my head, talk about disturbing.  I'm not particularly religious, but I found my self holding the rosary from my costume anyway during that movie!).  After that was done, we watched nickelodeon's show Are You Afraid of the Dark until everyone had left.  All in all, lots of fun!

P.S. and today, we're off!  NaNoWriMo comes again to consume my free time, figures it's the month where I don't have any thanks to college applications!
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I met him.  And he is a wonderful person and writes so splendidly and it was a fantastic night, even better than when I met Nightwish.  I won't go into detail, I prefer saying the story outloud.  But in short, the man said out loud, into a microphone, in front of hundreds of people, not only my NAME, but also told me to "keep writing"!!!  

It was deliriously amazing, I now have my senior quote I'll have you ALL know!
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Okay, if I have to spend anymore time cramped up in the backside of a Saturn VUE driving someplace swarming with drunk uncles or college types I am going to pull a blanket over my head and pretend that I'm invisible until whoever asking decides it's better to just leave me alone.

Really, Three hours up to vacation last week, then three hours back seven days later.  Then four or so days after that it was to and from a college visit which added up to about six hours more, and the day after that four hours east to a famliy reunion and today four hours driving back!  This on top of minimal sleep considering Thursday I attended (in costume) the midnight premiere of Clone Wars (which I thought would be terrible and actually mostly enjoyed) and I've been an Olympic addict, staying up until AT LEAST one in the morning with early wake up calls come daylight, for pretty much every other night.  

But this really does make me appreciate that one quote from Juno, though, where she says "I never realize how much I like being home unless I've been somewhere really different for a while".   Amen to that.
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Another just-to-say-hullo journal.  Hullo!  You know, I had a total "God is literally talking to me right now" moment the other night.  I asked the void for some help, and I was handed the movie "Whisper of the Heart" from Studio Ghibli.  What an amazing movie, and like a healing regimen for me.  I'm telling you, everyone needs their healing movie.  I've found mine!

With my faith restored in the eventual working outness of everything I come to you in a far superior attitude to the one I've been carrying for the past few months.  I hope everyone's doing just great right now.  I've finished my fifth year of writing camp, trying to work here and there and being promptly shunned by the bad economy, but at the moment I'm content.  Senior pictures tomorrow, perhaps you'd like to see them when they're done?  I'm getting some taken in my Renaissance costume ;)

You're all such lovely people.  Take care!
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Hey everyone!  Yes, it's true, I'm terrible about coming on DevArt regularly, and I guess I'm just a bad internet person or something like that.

I've been busy, though!  That's very true!  I just got done with Robotics team, a three day programming and mechanical glitches bash!  XD It was amazingly fun, though, and if you ever get a chance to join a FIRST robotics team at your school (this is directed, obviously, at you high schoolers out there)  I'd highly recommend it.  It's better than apple pie and this I say in all seriousness.

I've also begun tri three at school, and like wise begun writing a book in my independant study-type class.  It's so different from NaNoWriMo, though.  I have time to form coherent thoughts and think about my plotline!  It's fun, I'll probably share some of it if I ever get around to a good solid edit.  It's moving almost too slowly right now, that's my only complaint.  At least with nano, you're getting it done quickly ;D

Other than that it's been a few things.  I've severed ties completely with some old baggage, which is incredibly liberating.  I finished up improv and sketch last tri.  I wrote a star trek parody sketch, if anyone wants me to post it.  I'm pretty proud of my nerdiness for that one, actually.  I dropped out of speech, because for me personally it was a nightmare and I really hated the actual competing.  I miss the team and the bonding, but not the judging whatsoever.  My sister's doing really well in it right now, though, so be sure to stop over and giver her a congratulations!

I'm headed to New York with the Improv group next month, and other than that just anticipating summer and *groan* a job.  Yeauch, I wish I was an heiress or something.  Oh well, I'll just have to write my book and get it published, then I might get out of having to make money using the typical route!  Well, I think that's all I have to say for now.  I'm putting up some new pictures, check them out if you'd like!  Please forgive me for not looking at everything you have all put up, my inbox has over three hundred pieces!

Much love all!
-La Fable
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The title says it all!  I am going to be paid for a short story!  Published next year in a small religious newsletter (note, I am not highly religious.  But I submitted anyway, having a rather non-denomenational story about Christmas, and they accepted!  I knew about it through an editing job) and I will be paid and huzzah!  Good news, so exciting, I am so stoked!  Yea haw and all that business!

^^ paid to write, that is my dream.  Me = one tiny step towards that goal.  Yippie skippy!
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for an in-depth version, with the pictures woven in, go here -…

But here's the low down, NIGHTWISH WAS BEYOND FREAKIN AMAZING!  I've posted....lesse, ten pictures?  Yeah, all the ones in the livejournal post.  And the last four are the most special.  know why?  Because each one is a picture of Angsty, myself, and one of the members of Nightwish!!!!!!!!  Tuomas, Marco, Jukka, and Anette in that order!  Emppu left really quickly, I think he's shy ^_^.  But iwas Ecstatic when they came out, the pictures have the full story, pretty much, in their descriptions.  So there's at least two different ways to get the lowdown!  Please,check them out, i had such a stellar time, they were pure joy to watch and listen to!… Pic 1… Pic 2… Pic 3… Pic 4… Pic 5… Pic 6… Pic 8… Pic 9… Pic 10… Pic 11

oh man, I just died guys.  it was phenomenal, i coudn't have dreamed of anythign more from it, except maybe for it to go even longer!
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Yup, that's right, for all you fans hooked on every word, here's an update on the life o' fable hill

Cool stuff:
1) I've got a minor editing job with a local Catholic hand out.  I know it sounds lame, but I'm being paid and it's run by some well known and extremely liberal nuns, and really it's a bunch of fun ^^

2) NaNoWriMo is fast approaching, and my almost-entire-year of writers block seems to be shedding just in time.  Keep your fingers crossed.

3) I got my first request from the school paper to start working on drawing some basic Halloween illustrations, which should be fun.  I'm hoping to get some of my traditional work up, especially from the drawing class... last year ^^;

4) working under my sister on make-up crew for Little Shop of Horrors

5) life feels an inspiring and not so dreary lately, a definite and awesome plus :D

I'd list the bad things, but things haven't been so bad over here, and I don't feel like focusing on the stuff that gets me down anyway.  I hope you're all doing splendidly.  Please tell me how you are.  Do you have a new puppy?  Is her name isotope?  Do you plan on destroying the world?  I'd like fun facts from people...
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Okay guys, drum roll please....

No, i didn't get a car....

No, Richard Dean Anderson did not say he would come over for the fouth of July....

No, aliens did not try to contact me....

The big news is that I GOT A SNAKE!  Woot, after years of buggin' and buggin' my parents, PetCo had a sale on snakes yesterday (fifty freakin' bucks off the snake alone!) and my dad decided it would be an excellent incentive for me and my sister to finally clean our room up.  He's absolutely gorgeous, and kind of big at almost two feet long!  he was the last one the local PetCo had, the rest had been sold off weeks ago.  He'd been with them for five months, and for awhile he had been all on his lonesome :( but now we're taking care of him!

His name is: Spock 'Romeo' Corleone.  I contributed Corleone, and my sister threw out Spock, which we both loved.  And my mom, who probably would have killed the thing by now if she didn't have some sort of attachment to it i.e. naming it, pitched in Romeo.


Anywho, I've been super jittery all day.  I woke up early so I could go downstairs and watch him!  He got acclimated pretty quick, he seems to like it around here!

To end on a slightly more serious note, I was cleaning up my friends list (I hate it when people un-watch you because you're not on for awhile.  It feels flaky I guess, and it happened a lot!) and I might have accidentally deleted a few people I shouldn't have.  If you think that was you, could you drop me a comment/note/psychic transmission?
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I have no excuse for not being on FOREVER!  I'm not dead, I don't intend on staying...vanished.  I'll show up soon, try to get in the swing of things soon, but right now I'm still sort of a million places at once.  And there are some pieces of my life that still are like cement shoes in the river of my brain.  ....and I'm in writing camp right now.  Can you tell?  XD I'll try to get on soon guys.  I'm sorry for being such a loser.  keep being fabulous.
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Woot!  No way, I dun got 5,000 pageviews!  That's HALF of 10,0000!  I should really do something to commemorate this...granted I pretty much missed it while on another mini hiatus...

Sorry I keep disappearing.  I'd say It'll be better when summer rolls in, but the thing is it might even be WORSE so I guess that excuse is out the music.  Just thanks for being utterly amazing everyone, it's incredible some of the people that you meet on-line.  I'll try to stop being such a jerk and get on at LEAST once a week.  And I'll try to throw together something to commemorate the page view mile mark.  Just keep being fabulous ya'll, thank you so much!
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  • Playing: Legacy of Time (old school yo!)
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I can't thank you guys enough for your support.  I'm sorry for all the vague mopiness of my last post, I just feel so overwhelmed by lots of crappy stuff lately.  But things are getting a wee bit better, so I think that's a sign.  But all your wonderfully kind words mean so much, especially when you took the time to type them and I've never even met most of you!  So thank you so much!

I'll probably be extremely sporadic about getting on, and I don't know how much I'll comment.  I'll try to do it a lot, but we'll see.  I feel like such a flake but when DA becomes a chore and not a fun thing, then I know I'm not doing something right.  I hope you don't think me too selfish for that.

I love you all so much, and again I'm so grateful.  Ya'll rock.


EDIT:  Oh, it was my birthday on the 22nd!  woot, happy birthday to me and all that.
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My friend's in the hospital and my friendship is deteriorating it seems, despite al my efforts to stop it.  My grades are dropping I can't stop worrying and stressing.  I've met the first boy I've ever completely and utterly loathed in my entire life and I feel like shit.

I don't mean to whine...well, maybe a little, but my life isn't going so hot right now.  Not that people probably care all that much, I figured I'd alert you all anyways that I'll be off for a bit.  Maybe a week, maybe two months, maybe I'll visit again tomorrow, but I won't be on steady for awhile, not until I feel like things are finally back to normal again.


Sorry.  Thanks, I hope no one minds.  You probably won't, but here's a little notice anyway.  A love DA, I'm sorry I keep leaving for prolonged periods.  This time I have a reason though.  So thank you, so you all soon.

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  • Watching: V for Vendetta
  • Playing: Zoo Tycoon. still lotsa fun!
  • Eating: nothing. I want chocolate, though.
  • Drinking: rasberry flavored Aquafina
I stole this from :iconintergal: ;)

Please,even if you hate these things, you have to read the one about my death.  If nothing else, read that one!  

Feel free to steal if you like.  Try it out for yourself, it's a riot.


1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, Amarok, whichever you want, the list is long.)
2. Put it shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie.


1. Opening Credits: I need some sleep by Eels (Shrek 2 soundtrack)
- all melancholy and slow…o_O this does not bode well.

2. Waking Up: Bring me to Life by Evanescence
- …this song implies I wake up from the dead or something every morning …

3. First Day At School: Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday
-   I KNOW my first day at school wasn't this bad.  I can't stop laughing about this one!

4. Falling In Love: La Valse D'Amelie (orchestral Version) from Amelie
- This is EXACTLY what I'd like falling in love to be like…very romantic and serene but a little bit quirky too…I love Amelie, excuse me while I listen to this song…

5. Fight Song: The Interview by A.F.I
- Sort of slow for an A.F.I song, and definitely slow for a fight song at first…but then it picks up!  There we go, that could be a good fight scene.  Very emo though, it'd probably be raining .-_-;

6. Breaking Up: This is How I Disappear by My Chemical Romance
- I actually haven't gotten around to listening to this CD yet, my sister uploaded… it's out of place sometimes, but "Without you is how I disappear/and live my life alone forever now." Is pretty spot on for some break ups…

7. Prom: Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance
- Another song I haven't heard…and this definitely doesn't work, unless it's like the prom from hell or something…

8. Life: Hero by Chad Kroeger(Spiderman soundtrack)
- LOVE THIS SONG!  But…but I don't think this works…well, then again, it's sort of a hopeful song.  And I'm kind of romantic minded enough to be waiting for a hero…yes, I like this song for my life, even if it is a bit melancholy!

9. Mental Breakdown: Illogical by Leonard Nemoy
- This is the weirdest Star Trek spoof song I've heard…God!  THIS IS MY MENTAL BREAKDOWN SONG!  woot!

10. Driving Far Away: M-20 End by Capcom (devil may cry 3 soundtrack)
- This is the most frightening road trip I've ever pictures…Are we driving through hell or something like that?  Or maybe we're driving to go throw the one ring into Mount Doom, it sort of sounds like that…Man, that'd be an awesome road trip…

11. Flashback: Radius by VNV Nation
- I actually skipped a song I'd never heard of that my sister uploaded, and then came to this.  If this were my flash back, I think it'd be a flashback to someone floating in space or something…next to an also-floating boom box…

12. Wedding: Closing in by Imogen Heap
- Nooo!  Noo, wait…wait, actually this song works really well….I had to skip another of my sister's songs to get to it….but "I just can't wait to be with you…"  That works really well.  Except the refrain is sort of sad, like narrating a car crash or something…NO, no car crashes in my wedding!

13. Birth of Child: Helena by My Chemical Romance
- Good lord, what's going to be up with my kid?  I don't like the look of this…

14. Final Battle: Someone Said Goodbye by Enya
- This would be like the battle where  you lightly tap each other with daffodils…but I like how it is sort of final, I can appreciate that.  I'd probably be out of energy by the final battle anyway.

15. Death Scene: Help! by The Beatles
- I had to put my head in my hands and laugh hysterically for about five minutes after this.  

16. Funeral Song: Honour (juno) by VnV Nation
- "Notify ground crews" …Are my ashes going to get sent into space?  Or am I going to be resurrected in a wicked military research project on "January, 2012" or something?  This is cool!  :D

17. End Credit: Bother by Corey Taylor (Spiderman 2 soundtrack)
- "Stones to throw at my creator" My end credits are decidedly depressing…

Finally, I'm still working on those requests!  I'm sorry this is taking nightmarishly long, please forgive me!

---My lovely watchers---

~My sister!~


~People I know well!!!~


~More awesome people!!~


~Club I helped found!~
The club for fans of Earthsong everywhere! --> :iconteh-poodle-sticks:

~Totally rocking clubs I'm in!~

I'm a rabid fangirl!--> :icontherabidfangirlclub:
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1) Anyone who requests (up to ten people) will get a free sketch done by me. (Max 1 character, maybe 2 if it's not too complicated)
2) You have to post this meme into your journal, offering ten free sketches, before I do the art for you.
3) I will not do porn, gore, or nudity
4) One per person. =D

c'mon, guys, I'm going to feel so talentless if no one responds XD

1)intergal -
Sith an Jedi
Status: finished, though I'll redo it if you don't like it!

request pending
Status: not finished

Ein and Adrien ( I think that's the names...)
Status: I've got one version, I might try to do something else!

bird creature or avatar man!
Status: not finshed

Self portrait XD
Status: I've got a version I sort of like.  I'll probably try again!

Status: finished!

Nightmare Before Christmas
Status: done!

"It's All Backwards"
Status: almost done!

Status: Done!  Hope you like it!

Sark the Winged Human
Status: I'm drawing a blank, I'll keep working on it!

EDIT:  Wow, people love me!  XD  I'm sorry, I think that's ten.  If someone decides they don't want one anymore though, I'll be sure to mention!  Thanks for being so nice to me guys, I was worried no one would request anything!  :hug:  you guys all rock!!

EDIT VERSION 2.0: I'm sorry this is taking so long everyone!  I just got Reed's done, I'll probably have a few more up in a week or two!  Thanks for your patience!

---My lovely watchers---

~My sister!~


~People I know well!!!~


~More awesome people!!~


~Club I helped found!~
The club for fans of Earthsong everywhere! --> :iconteh-poodle-sticks:

~Totally rocking clubs I'm in!~

I'm a rabid fangirl!--> :icontherabidfangirlclub:
Nice people giving you advice!!--> :iconda-mentors:
For photographers! --> :iconmacrophoto:
For a different type of photographers then those above!--> :iconnaturpics-club:
Yay for Wraiths and Stargate Atlantis! --> :iconthewraithfanclub:
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  • Watching: V for Vendetta
  • Playing: Zoo Tycoon. Fun times ^^
  • Eating: carrots
  • Drinking: rasberry flavored Aquafina
Blargh, expect my presence to be even more sparse then usual.  School began again last Tuesday. No matter how hard I wished upon a star, my dreams did NOT come true.  Darn you cricket man!!!

Anywho, Lot's of lovely homework to keep me away from ya'll, please forgive!  I'll try to keep coming on as much as I do/more (because I've been kinda out of it lately...^^;) .  I hope you're school years go well.  And if you're out of school or have decided you're too awesome for it, I hope your not-school year goes well too.  Anywho, gotta fly.

P.S. Go CDH Raiders!  Woo hoo for fall football, we one our first game 33 to ZIP!  XD

---My lovely watchers---

~My sister!~


~People I know well!!!~


~More awesome people!!~


~Club I helped found!~
The club for fans of Earthsong everywhere! --> :iconteh-poodle-sticks:

~Totally rocking clubs I'm in!~

I'm a rabid fangirl!--> :icontherabidfangirlclub:
Nice people giving you advice!!--> :iconda-mentors:
For photographers! --> :iconmacrophoto:
For a different type of photographers then those above!--> :iconnaturpics-club:
Yay for Wraiths and Stargate Atlantis! --> :iconthewraithfanclub: