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Ryhea concept

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So, i think this will be something i do now and then, where i draw thing's for my friend at random. This is a concept for dragonseerCreator because i can ;w;
The top corner is the Canon style that her OC is based from, and the other two are in my style.

On the left is Ryhea's typical Design as of now (unless she's modified it by now)
On the right is her Minecraft Skin, when i was able to meet up with her on Minecraft which was really fuuun ;w;

And i think i know what's wrong with my weird disinterest towards coloring the current Request. It's that i'v got cravings to draw on paper. So i guess i'll try to tired myself out on that, but i'll try to get that picture done before the weekend comes ;w; i'm soo sorry
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X33 Ryhea has had tweeks in her designs, but nothing tooo major. X3 And I think you where mistaken by my skin. :3 Lol confuzzledness. X3 (Though it's awesome to see Ryhea in my skin's outfit!~ :D ) The skin is another OC of mine named Blu Phoenix. :3 Very awesome though!! :D
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I'd be curious to know what those tweeks are ;w;
Also i knew there was a great chance of me mixing your oc's up x3 i could just say it's Blu, but then i'd be lying ;w; And thanks, glad you like it.

Expect more of your character, because when you become a friend of one of my Oc's, you're prone to being in art (such as Bryan is with Lew x3)
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X333 Lol~ Here is how I've tweeked Ryhea:

2012-11 Ryhea-- (I think thats when I made Ryhea in the Yogscast Thread. X3 Let's guesstimate. X3)

Exactly like your drawing. A collared t-shirt, semi-shorts, sneakers, goggles, and short hair.

2013 Ryhea--

A purple hoodie, dark jeans, semi-short hair, and boots.

2014 Ryhea-- (Current date.)

A purple and silver long sleeve striped turtleneck with the occasional black jacket. Dark red denim boot cut jeans. Black combat boots with silver laces. White goggles with yellowish lens. Shoulder length hair with parted bangs. :3

[[Warning when I say few.... I don't mean few at all. o-o*]]
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When you say Purple and Silver, do you mean like.. completely silver but the sleeves/ whatever has purple to outline them, or like stripes?

Also.. turtle neck?... join the (not real) fabled club, turtle necks are welcome x3 (Since fable also has one of those ;w;)
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Stripes of Purple and Silver. :3 OMG I LOVE TURTLE NECKS! :D GROUPYS! X3
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Yep ;w;
Also i suck at Parted bangs, so i'mma keep it normal ;w; sorryz. I might draw it one day.
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X3 That's fine.. their not really parted.. just pushed out of the way. X3
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anyways i'll be here or on tumblr, or on other site, you know which one ;w;
tumblr is stealing my soul guys
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