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The Thing in Deadspace 3


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Title - The Thing in Deadspace 3
Media - Giclee
Method - Photoshop CS4
Dimensions - 70 x 90 cm
Quantity - Limited Edition of TBD
Client - Geek-Art, EA , Visceral Games

This will be part of the Deadspace Release party in Paris France on Feb 7th at Le Dernier Bar Avant la Fin du Monde in Paris, the one and only geek themed bar of the capital!

It is an official “very” limited edition print through EA and that pays homage to the great Drew Struzan and his poster for “The Thing” After reading about the original influences for the Game I noted a conversation about The Thing being an inspiration for the production. This image pays tribute to that!

The image was directly referenced to Drew's original poster for "The Thing" The poster was built up from nothing despite tha


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I heard John Carpenter is planning to do the Dead Space live-action Movie.
that was so long ago like around the time it released :'( , i was so disappointed that it never happened. That wouldve been epic. He shouldve crowdfunded, i wouldve def supported.

Let’s see what happens in the future.
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awesome my of my favourite movies...but 1984 version.....dead space is pretty kool game i keep going back to dead space 3 cant get enough :)
jvgce's avatar
One of my favourite horror movie & U done it beautifully with creative twist~~
MightyMorphinPower4's avatar
verys scary I would shit myslef
BLUberrypanda's avatar
Aw this is awesome!
Allyatharii's avatar
Oh wow, I love that film, and I love this game :3 great combo
Patrickc1193's avatar
One hell of a match!!!!!
Tropicana's avatar
Freakin bad ass
gunzet's avatar
Hahaha, this is an amazing fit for Isaac.
MadnessAbe's avatar
Issac vs. The Thing would be awesome!

"You can't have us."
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This is really great. I love the colors in this.
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