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Tetris - Classic


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Lately I have been working on a series of posters for my Advanced Imaging class. This is poster 3 of 4, the video game Tetris I worked on this piece over the last few days, approx 5hrs.

The poster includes elements from the game along with its history. Of course all of the basic shapes are shown as well as a representation of the castle. The original year that the theorized game was created as well as the official Russian release date. The credit include the name of the actual people who help shaped the game to be what we know it as today. The original size of the poster is 11"x17". Of course credit goes to the creators of Tetris.

If you are interested in Purchasing a print of any of my artwork please send me a message directly.

Thanks for Looking

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I... loved... that... game... I think it helps develop a sense of shapes, ability imagine quickly what a think will look like when rotated and flipped.
whitefoxdesigns's avatar
Awesome! Love the perspective!
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You are most welcome! :)

Can't imagine what will be the plot on a tetris movie. XD
fozzybear12's avatar
Bought this print at a convention a few years back. It is beautiful. Honestly glad I bought it. Awesome.
FabledCreative's avatar
Thanks so much! Do you happen to know which show?
fozzybear12's avatar
Fan expo 2013. Are you coming back this year?
FabledCreative's avatar
We are! With a very big table :)
The-Psychonaut's avatar
But that is expecting a lot out of Hollywood, so a kick ass story like that probably wouldn't happen.
The-Psychonaut's avatar
They made battleship already. Just sayin'.

And actually if Tetris was like a Portal concept meets 'The Cube' (like where algorithms circumvent certain traps and shit) with a psychotic robot overseer for the experiment it actually could be an engaging story. Like an automated rat maze.
xzendor7's avatar
This Is An Interesting Piece - I Like It.
mccurdybjm's avatar
cant wait till the sequel!
FabledCreative's avatar
It's Coming :) Might be a reboot first though :)
GodFlavoredBagel's avatar
Can't wait to see this movie. XD
RUKM's avatar
what program did you use?
RUKM's avatar
That's what I thought i am just getting started with this stuff. Do yo use a Graphic's Tablet
FabledCreative's avatar
Only a Bamboo for now .. but I'm saving for the new 22" Cintiq :D
RUKM's avatar
which bamboo tablet?
FabledCreative's avatar
I think it was the Medium from the generation before the current .. silver colour.
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what is the name of font you use in this dev?
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Not sure for the body copy but the title was made by myself :)
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