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Shaun of the Dead


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(Updated May 1st)
Fixed more Layout Issues, adjusted colour. This was the final layout of this poster for my Thesis Project.

I worked on this piece over the past week and a half. I've probably put a good 6 hours just into research and planning. Actually putting the final piece together took around 13 hrs.

So yes this piece not only is in honour of the movie Sean of the Dead but also for the upcoming release of "Paul".

(03/07/11) Many Thanks to Edgar Wright for mentioning the poster on his Twitter Today !!!
(06/28/11) Thanks to Simon Pegg as well for sharing the link to all of those Sean of the Dead Fan-art Posters ... including mine :) Super excited

Now to the details ... Of course in the Dead Centre is Sean and Ed. The Large Silhouette is a General Zombie. You can see 2 gashes in the zombie which are from the LP's that were thrown at him. If you look close you can read the label on one which is the "Batman Soundtrack" the other is "Sade". The sun and moon are the Zombies eyes and a small flock of birds are his teeth. You can also find a representation of Shaun's house and some of the neighbourhood in the background of the silhouette. You can also see the box with the records and a can of Diet Coke that Shaun had purchased in the movie.

The original size of this poster is 13'x19'. Of course credit goes to the creators and all of the people who worked on Shaun of the Dead ... including Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and all of the great team on this classic film.

Thanks for Looking.

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You got red on you.
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Favorite movie ever

FabledCreative's avatar
Much appreciation!
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I read the geek-art book and I have to say, your poster is my favourite piece!
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Thanks so much!!! That really means a lot :)
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better than the original!
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Where can I buy this? - I see this is not available on your store. I must own this!!
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It was discontinued :P
I do have a few copies remaining though .. you can order through here [link]
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Oh no! they need to be recontinued :P
How do i order from the special listing? Should i put it in the note bit?
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Yup ... you got it ... just order the special listing and request it in the note section :)
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Such a great work.
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The silhouette is like C3PO from Olly Moss Star Wars poster :D
FabledCreative's avatar
Very True ... never thought of it before :P
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This is awesome, dude! I love this movie! I don't mean to sound like a noob or whatever, but how do you make these? Stencils? Some computer program?
FabledCreative's avatar
I do a sketch and then illustrate in Photoshop + use a couple photographic textures :)
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