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Portal - Companion Cube


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Title - Portal - Companion Cube
Media - Poster
Method - Photoshop CS4
Dimensions - A3+ 13x19 Inches
Timeframe - .5hr (Research) + .5hr (Concepts) + 2hrs (Rendering)
Client - Commission


This was a Commissioned follow up to my I'm Different Turret Poster. Just a simple little fun piece! : )


Portal Themed Posters
Portal by ron-guyattI'm Different - Portal by ron-guyattPortal - Companion Cube by ron-guyatt
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welovefine's avatar
beautiful! please considering putting your 5 best portal designs in the contest, they can be posters, or for tees.
DallellesLaul's avatar
Oh I love the caption :-)

I haven't actually played Portal, but I think I get this...
DallellesLaul's avatar
I like your icon... Your name is just short enough to make that work and you chose a pretty good font.
gordonjugah's avatar
Awesome! It's nice that you took some of the portal elements and design it this way!
brothapipp's avatar
brothapipp's avatar
first time i had to throw that in the fire, it was like watching wilson float away from tom hanks all over again.
pagoose's avatar
and i just bought prints too ...

le sigh, i'm just going to have to buy more
FabledCreative's avatar
=p Glad you like it :)
S3rb4n's avatar
I really like this one. Too bad you had to "kill" the cube...
S3rb4n's avatar
You're welcome!
Dream-Piper's avatar
Oh Companion Cube, Oh Companion Cube!
How angry you make GLADOS.
GeekVarietyDotCom's avatar
Really really diggin this. This works so well visually, its so eye catching and just super neat.
FabledCreative's avatar
Thanks so much :D I'm thinking about doing a couple more sometime :)
Null-Entity's avatar
I would agree a schematic was my first though.. how to build a friend that will not stab you :D.

Great job.
FabledCreative's avatar
Lol Ya that was what I thought when I worked on it too :) .. plus the stab thing :P
Indy-Lytle's avatar
Awesome job, love the line work kinda makes it look like a blue print :)
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