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Mass Effect 3




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Title - Dark Space - Mass Effect 3
Media - Screen Print Poster, 100LB Paper
Method - Photoshop CS6
Dimensions - 18x24 Inches
Quantity - Limited Edition of 300
Client - Bioware


This is my First Official Screen-Print Poster. This was one of the most exciting projects I have had the chance to work on to date. The Staff from Bioware and Treehouse were a fantastic help and I'm really glad to have had the opportunity and look forward to many more!

On to the poster ...
This piece was inspired by the Invasion of Earth from the Reapers.
It depicts the alien armada arriving at earth. I choose to take some inspiration from Galaga and Space Invaders. I decided to represent Earth as Horizon .. since that is all it is to the reapers .. another world another horizon. The shape also played into the idea of a shield like in Space Invaders. I decided to morph it further to be a play on the Mass Effect Logo and the health bar from gameplay.

Beyond that the main imagery is between the invading armada of Reaper Ships and the Normandy and her Crew that stand between them and Earth. The background of Space is a play on where the reapers come from .. Dark Space (also the title). It is hard to see here but in the official Print you will notice there are no stars near the top of the picture but as you move down more stars appear. This was done to represent the Reapers destruction of Worlds! Other people have pointed out that it kinda looks like Snowfall and that it signals the cold times ahead.

Hope you Enjoy!

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