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Jurassic Park Map - Isla Nublar - Color



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Jurassic Park Map Color

Map of Isla Nublar, The Five Deaths & Costa Rica
It is referenced from several maps as well as knowledge from the Novel and Movies

This map is an educated interpretation of pre-existing Information based on the Series and Kauai, Hawaii.
This map includes over 100+ locations and to my knowledge this is the most complete map ever made of the Jurassic Park / World / Series.

Labeled on the map are
Oceans, Islands, Habitats, Rivers, Settlements, Structures, Mountains, Forests, Roads, Hydro Stations, Docks, Electric Fences, Washrooms ... etc.
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Love this! We're doing up our boys room at the moment, got a frame it would look great in, looked on your etsy but the sizes aren't ideal. I work for a signage company and have a large format printer at work, any chance of getting a copy I could print to a bespoke size... Cheeky I know, literally a one off print. Or can you do bespoke sizes?