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June 22, 2011
Suggester's words: I came across Hair Styles - Master File by =ron-guyatt while looking through resources to find a new way to draw an old character's hair... Not only did this save me 10 tabs and an hour of searching, but It gave me ideas for other female characters that didn't have definitive hairstyles... And the best part: since it's drawn, figuring out the translation to your pose is much easier, as well as the fact that you can take some parts of one and add it to another. With that ability to mix and match from these 140 hairstyles, the combinations of ideas are practically unlimited.
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Hair Styles

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Thanks to :iconindy-lytle: for the Inspiration and Grading :)

This piece is for all my Fans/Watchers

For a few Years now people have asked me for a Master Template to refer to for Hair Styles ...
Not just Nine at a time ...
This Compilation includes 140+ Female Hair Styles

This is a collection I have worked on for a few years now
I am open to hairstyle requests, recommendations etc.

If you wish to use a Hair Style from here then please Credit Me

Check Out the Individual Volumes here…

Thanks Everyone & Enjoy

Be sure to check out my Posters :)

Bioshock by ron-guyattTetris by ron-guyattFallout 3 by ron-guyattDead Space by ron-guyattPortal by ron-guyattKeep Calm Mac User by ron-guyatt
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Bryan98's avatar

I need this!!! Thanks

NAFERI's avatar
You are realy creative xD
SarahHeavenBird's avatar
Kinda gives me inspiration of what I wanna do with my hair... Yay :)
Stalsey's avatar
You helped me so much with this, thank you!! It would be amazing if you do a male one too.
Anyway, thank you! Hug 
Rockasockee's avatar
Found your deviant page through somebody's post on Pinterest- awesome stuff!
FabledCreative's avatar
PudgieAdopts's avatar
on 22 a flock of seagulls called.....
they want their hair back XDD
Demonkitty66's avatar
You have no idea how much this has helped me - thank you! (Do you have a male one too?)
FabledCreative's avatar
No Problem! Never got around to making one :/ Someday hopefully
Demonkitty66's avatar
If you have the time to make one, you should consider it :) 
I don't know about other people, but I find male hairstyles particularly hard to draw and create, and if there was something like this one you've made here, it would be extremely helpful. It's hard to find decent things like this, but you've done it well :)
db-1's avatar
Thank, ottimo lavoro
BathedInSin's avatar
Ho-lee Crappola! THAT IS AWESOME...also a grand idea!
arrowzee's avatar
My god, this is awesome. It actually makes me want to draw hair. And I normally hate drawing hair.
FabledCreative's avatar
Thank-you :) Glad to hear :)
WhoAm-Irony's avatar
Theses are really useful thank you.
FabledCreative's avatar
Thanks so much :) Love your work as well :)
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