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Title - Godzilla
Media - Poster
Method - Photoshop CS4, Self Made - Photographic Textures, Custom Brushes
Dimensions - A3+ 13x19 Inches
Timeframe - 25+ HRS (10 Research) (15 Design & Execution)
Client - Commission - Seth

I worked on this piece slowly over the past month and a half. I've probably put a good 10 hours just into research and planning including watching the original movie "Gojira". Actually putting the final piece together took around 15 hrs.

Now to the details ... Of course in the Dead Centre is Godzilla. The city I decided to modernize a bit but I still wanted a bit of the feel of 1950's Japan .. which helped influence the style of the Trucks. I decided to show rays coming out of the sun to represent Japan from the War which was a reason of blame for the creation of Godzilla along with Nuclear Power. The Planes are from the end of the movie when the Japanese make the final push to drive Godzilla out of the city.

Credit goes to the creators and all of the people who worked othe 1954 Gojira (Godzilla)

Thanks for Looking.

I would also like to take a moment to pray for those affected by the recent disaster in Japan. Our Hearts are with you.

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on november 3 1954 , ships from all over the world began disappearing in the sea of japan , natives of a island known as "odo island" believed the disappearances to be the work of their deity , "godzilla" , while many were skeptical of this notion , they would discovered , to their horror , that godzilla was in fact real , and he soon laid waste to all of tokyo in a single night , the following morning , scientist dr. serizawa , activated a secret weapon in the ocean where godzilla was sleeping , taking his own life in the process , but godzilla's remains were never found , if he had been killed by the weapon , then the victims of his attack on tokyo may rest in peace , but if he had survived , then his attack on tokyo was only the beginning
JackAxeWell's avatar
Godzilla: The Original King of Monsters.
buried-legacy's avatar
Nice like the retrovibe
iv'e looked for this for a while now. great work!
Darthmagnus77's avatar
this is amazing i am huge godzilla
by the way your work is amazing
also is there any chance of buying this print of godzilla
PowerRCP-G3's avatar
The original Godzilla movie will always be the best Godzilla movie.
mavadohelghanmaul's avatar
Godzilla is so awesome 
fugimoto's avatar
ROFLMo epicly awesome
Batwing89's avatar
I quite like this piece. Godzilla looks very retro and the colors all merge perfectly.
Mech-HAN's avatar
Poster like this style is quite rare fit perfectly for a nostalgia monster movie like Godzilla...
The movie on the other hand...not exactly what I hope(great monster,not that great plot),still much much better than that oversize T-Rex...
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God, I don't know if it's the style of the poster or the design of the creature, but this really seems to fit the monster as well as the era. Outstanding job, my friend.
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Willdude54's avatar
Well, I do have a soft spot in my heart for posters like these.
TheGreenDome's avatar
"That's a lotta fish."
FabledCreative's avatar
;) LoL .. Don't know if we will have time to feed this one :)
RangerTycho's avatar
So nice I can't wait for the new one ^.^
Scholarly-Cimmerian's avatar
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love your art style!
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