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Fallout New Vegas

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The Details.

The primary focus of course goes to the centre with the bust of the courier which is the character you play. I decided to keep him/her in the NCR Ranger outfit as it is one of the most recognizable in the game and has been used for the actual cover of the game. His/her mask turns into the Poker Chip (aka the Platinum Chip) that is dead centre which is an important piece in the game and the item that the courier you play was trying to deliver. The chip encompasses several items ... beyond being part of the gas mask and poker chip it is also a roulette wheel. The chip edge has several crowns which represent "The Kings" a group that you interact with in New Vegas, based off of Elvis Presley fame. The next element is dead centre in the chip where you can see a radioactive symbol to represent the wasteland after the war as well there is a set of Crosshairs to show that the character and the chip are a target.

The entire poster itself is playing card in a sense, pertaining to the gambling culture in Vegas. At the bottom howitzers are lined up and taking aim at the people across from each other. This to me is representing The Legion and the NCR battling for the region. The Spacemen representing those parties are dressed as such because of there lofty ambition .. almost as if in a space race on a basic level both parties compete for their goal of possession of New Vegas.

The original size of this poster is 13'x19'. Of course credit goes to the creators and all of the people at Bethesda who worked on this fantastic video game and the series as a whole.

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Impressive work.