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March 1, 2011
Fallout 3 by =ron-guyatt

The suggester said: "Sweet mama, that's one stylish poster if I ever saw one! I really like the looks of this. Textures and shades blend in really well."
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Fallout 3


Hey Everyone

I am finally finished my Fallout 3 Poster. Lately I have been working on a series of posters for my Advanced Imaging class. This is poster 2 of 4, the video game "Fallout 3" I worked on this piece over the last few days, approx 10hrs. The picture includes one texture I made with watercolour paints.

The poster includes allot of things from the game such as Nuka Cola Bottles, Dog Tags and Protectrons. I really want to capture as many elements from the game as I can. The original size of the poster is 13"x19". Of course credit goes to the creators of Fallout.

Thanks for Looking


Fallout Artwork

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This could totally be used for a Fallout 3 Redux or some new content for the Capital Wasteland.

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This looks amazing!

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Whoa thats cool !
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I remember picking up the prints of both this one and the New Vegas one at the Toronto Fan Expo last year; one of my best buys to date. I love the art style and it fits Fallout so well in my opinion
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Thanks for the awesome comment!
It make us so happy to have people love their prints so much :heart:

Wow, this looks like a Fallout movie poster!
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(Super old comment and fave, but) I recently finished playing this game. The conclusion is maybe one of the saddest and shocking that I've come across. Some people get different endings and whatnot, or they don't bother to read the terminals and get the full story. So when I saw this poster, it brings back all the melancholy feelings I had when I finished it. Grats on the DD as well.
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Nice, I really like this game. And the thing is so futuristically vintage popped.
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This is Amazing, absolutely love your art bro, <3 :3
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Much Appreciated!
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1 cool poster 2  November 10 2015 fallout 4  spread the word 
I hope you make a badass poster of fallout4  in the future  also do you know where to find Nixie tubes?
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this is My background  now :D
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I love fallout 3

war war never changes
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This should be a print, I'd love to have one of these hanging in my room!
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I actually have had it in the past as a print and I actually have it available for the next 48hrs in my shop :)
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the best thing is. the fallout universe would have been seen as possible to people in the 50's. so it would be a seen as a serious movie as apose to a parody
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