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Title - Skyrim - Dragon
Media - Poster
Method - Photoshop CS4, Self Made - Photographic Textures
Dimensions - A3+ 13x19 Inches
Timeframe - 6+ HRS
Client - Personal Project

Skyrim - Dragon - Poster

So this piece is based off of the video game The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim from Bethesda. I simply couldn't go any longer without paying tribute to this great game! Really Fantastic! The environment is huge and there are of course literally hours and hours of gameplay.

I really have to thank the workers at Bethesda for all of their support of my Fallout works in the past! It truly has meant a lot!

So on to the poster ...

This is poster 1 of 2 that I made for the game. This poster obviously features a dragon which is probably one of the coolest things about the game ... instead of going the route of telling a story in the poster I wanted to capture the intensity and experience of the dragon. I wanted to feel as though it was actually breathing .. the background to be blacked out to allow complete focus on the creature. I wanted to also stick to a Analogous colour scheme for both posters. This poster of course being yellow/orange/red.

For the Title I decided to go with a metal plate style that I feel somewhat reflects the world of Skyrim.


Skyrim Posters

Skyrim - Hero by ron-guyattSkyrim - Dragon by ron-guyatt

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where an i buy these?
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Fus roh dah, mof***er, do you speak it?
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I need to carve my next pumpkin like that!
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This is visually striking to the point where it gave my eyes bruises. Awesome bruises.
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Your Posters are all amazing!
But i really hoped that your posters in your shop were cheaper :(
Still expensive even with the Combo Deals
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just two words WOW I'm not imitating son was on my lap when we saw this..truly admire ur style..very clean and fresh and the feeling it gives off 'strength and power'
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Thank-you so much :)
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Nice composition! I've never seen anyone make something like this! :la:
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I must say this is very intriguing and i love the different style of your paintings.
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This is epic. Keep it on! :)
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