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This is our take on the video game Destiny!
In the centre at the bottom is the guardian.
Representing the one individual you play as in game.
Above is the looming Traveler. A large spherical ship.
Encompassed within the design of the Traveler is the Destiny Logo.
The parts of the logo that outreach beyond the sphere of the traveler represent The Moon, Venus & Mars.
Below this are the remnants of human civilization, the last city.
Dead centre is the Guardian standing at the entryway to your home base "The Tower".
Above the tower is a transport ship which takes you to the other worlds and to "The Traveler" in hopes of its revival one day!
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I love this art so much
Markybo-Jens's avatar
Phileasgamerex's avatar
LuckyLexicon's avatar
The Destiny logo. That would be cool if they made one though!
spirogyra's avatar
These would work great as cyanotype prints
Can I request you make my YouTube emblem for my Mr. Warlock channel lol
NaziSouls's avatar
Perfect 4 iphone wallpaper!!!!
Quinstiff's avatar
Absolutely stunning! Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
Quinstiff's avatar
You're welcome. :aww:
Hirokuro's avatar
Really nice. And calm colours are makin' it even better.
Immablufox's avatar
How does one draw like this?
nommonmon's avatar
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This is incredible.
IISL4YII's avatar
Love this game. Very nice.
Keldren-Stormraven's avatar
Some people may hate on it but Destiny is fun for what it is... And it is getting better...
FrxPlanner's avatar
It looks very awesome, I love this game :D.
GriaMolar's avatar
this is so awesome!
infinityfractals's avatar
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