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Update June 20th 2011

For a long time now I have refused to sell copies of this poster, but that was until today. I was very unhappy with how the original version turned out. This new updated version includes a redo of the Typography as well as adjustments to the colour and image. I have redone the glow effect which was far to rushed in my original version. I have also added dripping blood which I had to opt out of in the original. Overall I think this has restored the poster to a feeling of actually being finished.

Hope everyone enjoys the changes.

I have redesigned this poster to fit my 13x19 standard.

It was made in Photoshop CS4 and I used 2 Photographic Textures that I made myself.

Hey Everyone

Lately I have been working on a series of posters for my Advanced Imaging class. This is poster 4 of 4, the video game "Dead Space" I worked on this piece over the last few days, approx 5hrs. The picture includes one texture I made with watercolour paints and lined paper. I did use a source image of Isaac to start the piece but it has been fairly modified

The poster includes allot of things from the game such as Isaac and the spaceship he is on as well as several interpretations of the creatures he encounters. I really want to capture as many elements from the game as I can.

The original size of this poster is 13'x19'. Of course credit goes to the creators and all of the people who worked on the game.

Thanks for Looking.

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