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Covenant Propaganda Poster - Halo

This is my third poster for my Halo Series. The main focus in the poster is of an Elite Soldier and the black silhouette of one of their energy swords. I wanted to reference to them being ultimate soldiers that fight for honour.

As another tie in to the idea of being superior over all others I included a double helix with white bars crossing behind the elite soldier to show the belief of just being genetically superior. As well I put in a very loose impression in the top left and right corners that the orange shapes could be fists raised up. As in a call to arms.

As for the gold colour I decided to go that route because we invasion gold as a colour of power and or royalty .. used to show superiority even. Gold being also the closest to yellow which is a complementary colour to purple which is a colour I often see while depicting an Elite.

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The original size of the poster is 13"x19". Of course credit goes to the creators of Halo.

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