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Cortana - Halo - Pinup


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Cortana - Halo - Pinup

This is Cortana the AI from the Halo Series.
I think it turned out really great in the end .. but this piece certainly put up enough of a fight!! I guess that is fitting.

I decided to try to keep some elements consistent between this and the Halo Film poster. The Font/Style are the same for the text. Same illustration style. Included the same pattern at the bottom which I think works just as well for her as it did for Master Chief.

Anyways Enjoy,

Halo Week Releases
Halo Poster - Sept 19
Cortana Pinup Poster - Sept 20
Covenant Propaganda Poster - Sept 21
Master Chief Wallpaper - Sept 22

The original size of the poster is 13"x19". Of course credit goes to the creators of Halo.

Halo Themed Works

Halo - Film Poster by ron-guyattCortana - Halo - Pinup by ron-guyattCovenant Propaganda Poster by ron-guyatt
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Very beautiful fun
YarTavdhladleklwa's avatar
Love all three of your Halo works! Amazing job!
YarTavdhladleklwa's avatar
Cortana sure was a hottie! It's a shame she was killed
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I like the concept and the colors :)
It's pretty interesting~
Nice job~!!! n_n
Blaue-Rose's avatar
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PixelPandaa's avatar
did u upload this as a jpeg?
i can see annoying pixel artifacts
they don't appear when you upload in .png

anyway, i love this :D
FabledCreative's avatar
It was a jpeg and I tried uploading the png version but it doesn't seem to have changed anything though the full psd version seems fine ... weird. Thanks for the suggestion though :)
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she looks awesome.
Courtney-Rain-Stepz's avatar
For once I actually found a picture I like
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