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20000 Leagues Under the Sea




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Hey Everyone

So this is my 20K Kiriban ... Seems Fitting
This is also my first movie poster. Hurrah
I spent about 5 hours on research and about 9hrs on the actual piece. After several iterations I think I have settled on a final design. I had put several other details on this such as people in dive suits, an island, explosions etc. It just felt like every time I put something extra it was too much ... but then it felt to empty. So I kept fooling around with it and in the end I have used a pattern of bubbles I made as well as two open source textures I got in recent issues of Imagine FX. The most dominant being the wood pattern which I feel has added alot to the image and actually more properly balanced it out. I think that is enough said.

Thanks for Looking


Of course credit goes to all the great people who worked on this movie and the disney company and of course Jules Verne for the original story which is the inspiration for this poster.

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I like this one, looks kind of like a wood cut. Really cool.