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Moon Warfare

By FabioMk
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Helium 3 has been found to the Moon, a new gold rush has started.

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Protip: Weapons with recoil could be bad.
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Physics protip: an average USMC soldier (mass 89 kilograms) experience about 15% more muzzle climb from a handheld weapon firing 5.56mm NATO rounds on Luna than on Earth. That's a noticeable difference, but for any NATO rifle currently in service it's still less than the kick of the 7.62 used in AK-47s. The reason for this is that the vast majority of recoil is absorbed by the soldiers mass, not gravity, so unless the recoil is strong enough to lift you off the ground it would be fairly managable. And the previous esitmates are based on just the soldier. A space suit weigh between 50 and 75 kilograms, so the experienced recoil might actually be even less than on earth.
Vehicle-mounted weapons depend entirely on the weight of the vehicle, but assuming that one to be about the same as the real-life lunar rover the kickback would depend 100% on how it is mounted, just like on earth.

Just FYI.
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The mounted weapon in the image it's a Browning M2 50Cal.

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Then, if I've done the math right, the rover should be stabile and heavy enough that they'd be able to use it like the mounted machine guns on modern army vehicles, at least if they fire in short bursts.
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yep, my only dubt is about weight of a combat vehicle compared with a moon rover. The rover is very light and the model i used for the image is the same rover brought to the moon in 1971. Lightness of object is an important factor when you bring something in space. Despite this I think that a mounted weapon can be used on a moon rover.......i hope:)

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I used the real-life lunar rover for my calculations. It would be far less stable than a Humvee, but more so than some heavy-gun IFVs (I don't remember the name, but the soviets built some monster with 4 50-cals firing at over 2000 RPM, which is just absurd. For use against foot soldiers. Seems legit.)
For a realistic lunar combat vehicle, it would probably have been built on the moon and look more like the Warthog from Halo or Mako from Mass Effect.
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technically I think the weight of the astronauts should be added to the weight of the rover

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optimally yes, but since the equations check out for the rover alone I'm just going to assume that the astronauts have a positive weight.
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The Nazis are on the moon
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Gas gas gas! I'm gonna step on the gas!
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Grand Theft Auto: Lunar edition

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The Rat Patrol of Taurus Littrow! ;-)
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Rat Patrol in Space.

Ad Astra Right?
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Similar, it was inspired by the only decent scene in the film, unfortunately I didn't like that movie (Ad Astra).

Still awesome though
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